The FiBs 2015 #freshvoice

The FiBs 2015

Dear mummy, so where was I before I got engulfed by all this BiBs 2015 Awards malarkey? All the razzle dazzle made me take my eye off the ball and I got sucked in thinking I could compete in this popularity contest. Oh yes Blogging. Blogging for me and blogging for us.

What’s occurred to me is that mummy bloggers stick together. The awards were announced 3 weeks ago and the knives are out and the pressure is on. Friends have voted for friends. Circle and Linky partners have voted for each other and suddenly the little voices are left out in the cold. However I’m not bitter, just relieved.

One of my sensible tweeters helped me see the error of my ways just two days into the voting. Half way though drumming up votes on my Twitter DM campaign trail, she stopped me in my tracks – and left the conversation. Oh dear mummy….have we upset her. Damn it.

Blogging should be FUN, and not a popularity contest to see who gets the most votes for a contest that is probably rigged anyway. We risked losing the only friends we had on Twitter by doing a stupid ‘please vote for us’ plea.

Never again.

Why do you need an award anyway for doing what you do eh? Pfff.

I told my mummy this last night. I also agreed to make her an award of my own. So today I presented it to her.

BiBs2015It’s called the FiB ‘Fantastic in Blogging’ it might be a lie, as we know my mummy isn’t THAT great, but what it does demonstrate to her is that she is FANTASTIC anyway for doing what she does.

So…bloggers that don’t get through to the stages of the BiBs2015…maybe make your own FiB. You owe it to yourself 😉

Lots of love Bella x


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45 thoughts on “The FiBs 2015 #freshvoice

  1. Awwww … what a lovely post. ‘Award winning blog’ is a tone many of us will like to add to our blogging ring. But hey … award winning or not, we all have something to contribute and it’s good to remember this. #aNoviceMumG+profile

    • It’s hard to get the balance mummy felt she was out of her depth and didn’t want to bug her online friends 🙂 my handmade award is more sparkly and twinkly anyway 😉

  2. Nice thinking. I got sucked up in it too. It’s funny. I haven’t felt such a competitive streak since school. Your FIB is lovely 🙂


  3. It’s sad that you feel like this. I haven’t really noticed any backstabbing, just a lot of really brilliant bloggers making sure that their readers (remember a lot aren’t going to be bloggers) are aware of what is going on. And it is hardly surprising that bloggers are going to vote for others in their tribe. Remember, the BiBs aren’t just based on number of votes – the judges will also consider smaller quality blogs that haven’t built up a following. And if you don’t get shortlisted, at least you have your FiB

    • Thanks Karen, I don’t think we were ever ‘in it to win it’ this is why I made my award for my mummy 🙂 It was a scramble as soon as the starting gates opened with the #BiBs. I think a lot of us ‘smaller bloggers’ felt overwhelmed. It’s been too competitive, but that’s the nature of drumming up votes I suppose. Who knows…at least we have our own little award 😉

  4. The thing that we should remember is that not all blog readers are bloggers and not everyone knows what the bibs are.
    I think that those asking for votes (much like yourself) are just asking that someone somewhere give their corner of the Internet some validity. People’s hearts and souls go into their blogs and some really do deserve the awards because their blogs are brilliant.
    I don’t believe the awards are rigged…. and maybe, just maybe – a little voice could win!

    • Ah thanks for you comment x it’s hard not to be negative when awards season comes around. We hold little hope and this post was part rant…part negativity and skepticism when it comes to the #BiBs2015 I’m sure there will be some worthy winners! So many fab bloggers out there 🙂 too many to compete with!!

  5. Aww you are awesome, we are all awesome in our own way 🙂 I did do a tiny bit of vote asking but not a lot. You are right though, we shouldn’t be begging! Thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday

  6. Love this! Sadly, it has become a bit of a popularity contest. I took part but in under no illusion I’ll be involved, in which case u think I’ll make my own award too! 😊 #brillblogposts

  7. Awww I love this, especially the glitter! I’m new to this type of blogging and I must admit that I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole BiBs thing. Obviously being so new I was never going to be involved anyway but I think even if I’d been around longer I would have avoided it.

    Anyway, congrats on your FiB 🙂


  8. Excellent. Everyone should have their own FiB. It’s funny how a quest for popularity can end up having completely the opposite effect if you overdo it. It definitely shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of things.

  9. I didn’t even realise there were voting circles – it’s all just passed me by! I kind of wish they didn’t exist because it does turn everyone a bit crazy for a few weeks! Back to normal service now though, phew! x

  10. Absolutely freaking brilliant! I nominated people whose blogs I truly love, whether I’m ‘friends’ with them or not, but it was clear to see that friendships and circles were very often the name of the game (hence my zero expectations haha) I’m rather glad it’s all over too and I love to FiBs, wonderful idea! Well done xx

  11. All awards are the same, of course it’s about popularity, or getting people to vote for you. There is nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong with competitiveness. The way I look at it is…there are loads and loads of brilliant bloggers out there and not enough awards to go enter, make your pleas for nominations, feel sad when you don’t get through, its all part and package of the awards, take them for what they are…if you win..then FABULOUS! I love your award 🙂

  12. Best and most deserving award ever! I totally and utterly agree. There is so much time where people worry about voting and getting votes (I know, I’ve been there and done that) that I have decided just to go with the flow. What really matters to me is me and my writing. Anything else is a bonus. Great post 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  13. Love your FiB award, what a brilliant idea and always good to be reminded about why we blog and not to get too hung up over this things – we should all award ourselves a FiB award for doing something we love 🙂

  14. The BIB’s really do seem to change the virtual atmosphere of blogging. Everywhere I look there is a badge. People share who they have voted for, which is the oddest activity of all. Enjoy what you do and keep doing it. I might make myself a FIB, in fact lets have a fringe FIB party at BritMums 🙂 Great post #pocolo

  15. Hey! Awards are just a bonus…that’s not why we do this. As long as we are doing what we love…writing, engaging, inspiring – which you are – then that’s what counts. Put me down for a FIB anytime. #pocolo

  16. Totally agree, it was a bit overwhelming for newish bloggers like us! I had a lame attempt at drumming up support but I’m not expecting too much…maybe I need to make a sparkly award too! xx

  17. I want a FIB!! It’s so pretty!
    We’ve all just got to keep doing what we are doing and enjoy it and not get sucked in by it all (which I totally have been) So I am gonna get straw and suck up a cocktail instead as my own personal award blogging efforts!

  18. Lucas & Grace say – Bella – you totally speak the truth!! What excellent advice. We always have so much fun blogging, we don’t worry about awards either coz’ we also know we’re AWESOME!! Sending you XL MEGA High-5’s xx #pocolo

  19. Congratulations on you FIBs award!
    This is a lovely post and resonates so much with me – it’ll be lovely to get an award but the drumming up of votes and the strategic nature of the pincer movement on other bloggers is a little intense.
    Your FIBs sound like the perfect alternative award! Blogging is meant to be fun – let’s just enjoy it!

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