Reading between the lines

What do you see when you look at my blog?

A colourful life beginning to take shape?

That’s what I see.

Memories and mind dumps from my folks, a large scrapbook of things we like, we are or can be.

This blog was one of the best things my mummy ever did. As a way of recording moments. I think my mummy is the biggest reader of this blog! That’s the way it should be. My online diary, her legacy.

Dear Mummy Blog

I watched her reminisce last night going over old posts, a smile forming on her lips. Now, that is priceless. Having a little chuckle reading the way I write sentences in bad English. We’re not journalists or photojournalists, we’re just a little family content with our little space of the Internet.

Dear Mummy Blog

Commentors and followers come and go in our blogging lives, flourishes of activity for a particular post and then calm is restored. But one thing remains certain….I know my mummy reads this blog.

It helps her remember, cherish and hold on to her precious memories. Blogging helps her to be more proactive with her off-line life too, going on that day trip, exploring new opportunities and attempting to craft/bake/write.

Dear Mummy Blog

When She looks at this blog she sees me. Hopefully when I’m older I will see her…captured forever…between the lines.

This is her present to me, when I’m old enough to understand I hope she will let me open it.

Love Bella x

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