Raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation

*This is a 2016 Campaign*

Hampshire Constabulary needs our help to raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) amongst our followers! We’re big advocates of keeping children safe and this is our opportunity to raise awareness of such an important and hidden issue.

Visit www.alicesdiary.org to read the harrowing story unfold.

CSE Warning Signs

So what is Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)?

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse in which children are sexually exploited for money, power or status. Children or young people may be tricked into believing they’re in a loving, consensual relationship. They might be invited to parties and given drugs and alcohol. They may also be groomed online. Some children and young people are trafficked into or within the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation.


Sexual exploitation can also happen to young people in gangs. Child sexual exploitation is a hidden crime. Young people often trust their abuser and don’t understand that they’re being abused. They may depend on their abuser or be too scared to tell anyone what’s happening. It can involve violent, humiliating and degrading sexual assaults. In some cases, young people are persuaded or forced into exchanging sexual activity for money, drugs, gifts, affection or status. Child sexual exploitation doesn’t always involve physical contact and can happen online. People who sexually exploit children are often described as highly manipulative individuals. They exert power over young people through physical violence, emotional blackmail or financial pressure, for example holding them in debt.

CSE Campaign Twitter Live Chat

How to help make this stop?

We’ll be helping to tweet about the Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), how to spot the signs in children and loved ones and sharing some real life stories of how CSE can have a devastating impact on family life. There will be LIVE tweets from police officers and experts in the field to offer advice, answer questions and signpost people to help.

*This was in 2016 but follow the hashtag to find out more*

Twitter Live Chat
Wednesday 25th May 2016 8-9pm

CSE Warning Signs

You may ask, well what’s in it for me?

Well, nothing apart from doing a good deed, Hampshire Constabulary have a limited budget and that’s why your help is more important than ever. Hampshire Constabulary have never utilise bloggers in this way (actually it’s the first time a police force in the country has reached out for help from parenting bloggers!). They need our online communities and social media reach to help raise awareness and tackle this serious crime and keep children safe. You have the power, your followers might spot a warning sign in their child. Imaging if we helped just one family address CSE and report it, we could stop the cycle of CSE and prevent another child from getting hurt!

So will you join us?

Even a simple RT of Hampshire Constabulary ‘s #CSEHelpMe tweets could help save a child on your newsfeed from a secret world of CSE. It’s more common than you think…you can make a difference.

These are the warning signs:

  • Acting secretively
  • Having mood swings or changes in behaviour or emotional wellbeing
  • They’re absent or truant from school or show a lack of interest or sudden poor performance
  • Going missing or regularly coming home late
  • Coming home with unexplained or new possessions
  • Drug or alcohol misuse
  • Becoming suddenly hostile or estranged from their family or friends
  • Dramatic changes to their appearance, maybe wearing inappropriate clothing
  • They’re seen getting into or out of vehicles with unknown adults
  • They become involved in petty crime such as shoplifting or stealing
  • They have more than one or share their boyfriend or girlfriend
  • They become sexually active, pregnant or seeking an abortion or treatment for sexual diseases
  • They’re getting phone calls and/or text messages from unknown adults
  • They have unexplained injuries consistent with sexual or physical assault
  • They self-harm or are having suicidal thoughts or tendencies
  • They’re behaving inappropriately, being over-familiar with strangers, sending sexual images via the internet or mobile phones

More about the campaign

Hampshire Constabulary’s CSE Campaign art direction ties in with the new movie release of Alice in Wonderland – Through the Looking Glass in May 2016. Using this iconic story to help illustrate the warning signs of CSE in a visual and creative way to tap into the minds of children. The campaign’s striking artwork, illustrated by Southsea artist Roma-May Daly, aims to make people surrounding a victim of CSE aware of the signs.


Supported by partners including the Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Safeguarding boards and local authorities the campaign officially launches on Wednesday, May 25 2016.

As part of the campaign Alice’s Diary blog is also being launched. The blog written by 15-year-old ‘Alice’, her friends, family and teachers goes into detail about how CSE happens and can be identified by those around her. It will also be a source of help and support to tackle CSE.

Hampshire Constabulary would really appreciate your help and as a small thank you they’d like to offer you a designed badge to proudly display on your blog to show your support for the CSE Campaign.

Please find the html badge below to cut and paste into your side bars or just lift the image.

Supporting the CSE Campaign

Artwork to tweet out should you wish. Please use #CSEHelpMe to get involved


Campaign homepage for more artwork and information

We’ll be supporting…..will you?

Baby Isabella and her mummy Dawn

Proudly supporting Hampshire Constabulary

Follow them here on Facebook

Follow them here on Twitter

Follow Alice’s Diary

Follow Alice’s Diary Twitter

If you are a business, press or a blogger and would like further details about the campaign please contact Natalie Galloway, the media lead on 101 at Hampshire Constabulary – Quoting ‘CSEHelpMe’.

41 thoughts on “Raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation

  1. This is such an important thing to raise awareness about. I wish them all the success. I will tweet a pic later x

  2. This sounds like a great campaign, and the artwork is perfect. I was at a safeguarding course on Monday where we watched an awareness video funded by Gwent Police, showing how scarily easy it can be for abusers to get themselves into a position of trust. x

    • There are a lot of police forces up and down the country trying to educate and keep vulnerable people safe. Let’s hope this campaign gets through to the people and families that can identify the warning signs. Hopefully we can raise awareness and make a difference. xx

  3. It is such an important issue, it is horrifyingly upsetting what goes on in secret to innocent children who cannot protect themselves, or even know what is happening is wrong.

  4. It breaks my heart that so many children are groomed by their abusers and are unaware that they are being abused. Sexual abuse is not ok and we need to work together to raise awareness of child sexual trafficking and grooming.

  5. Fantastic campaign, well done to you for raising awareness of this. It’s heart breaking that children are being abused
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  6. Definitely a worthy cause! We do sometimes miss that the children may not even know they are being abused. It is a hidden crime indeed and good on you for supporting it. The more support there is, the more people will be made aware and it becomes less hidden. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  7. Thank you very much for this. It is a great cause and I have now place my badge and tweet about it. You are also will be featured on our tomorrow’s #FabFridayPost too. Anything that will help. xx

    • Thank you so much! It’s been a really hectic week trying to promote and get the message out there. We’re finding it hard tapping into the blogging community so any help you can give to spread the awareness message is greatly appreciated x

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  9. A very important campaign to support. I’ll be looking out for tweets!
    My kids are still very small, but it petrifies me that something like this could happen to them…

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