My mummy doesn’t drink wine…is there something wrong with her?

My mummy doesn’t drink wine….is there something wrong with her?

Not a day goes by without my mummy’s Facebook feed filling with memes and doodles relating to parenting. Mums drinking wine as a coping mechanism or a fun activity to raise parenting camaraderie. It got me thinking, is there something wrong with my mummy? You see, she doesn’t drink wine, she’s actually not a big fan and would never contemplate drinking alcohol during the week or in the evenings. She’s far from tee-total, she just doesn’t see the point of drinking in the week…controversial for many parents I know.

My Mummy doesn't drink wine
©hurrahforgin, e-cards, meme creator.

My Grandma commented on it the other day, she likes wine…a lot. It helps her shut off from the day and relax. When she visits our house she drinks all the leftover wine that guests have brought round. Not even my daddy drinks during the week.

Wine bottle

I think there is something wrong with my mummy.

It’s not as if my mummy doesn’t enjoy a drink (she does and that is clearly evident by her drunken shenanigans over her birthday weekend), she just likes ‘drinking out’ (no, you won’t find her on a park bench either) she only drinks on special occasion or out at dinner. Some months she doesn’t even manage a unit of alcohol….she’s also Irish – So what the hell?!?

It got us wondering whether she is normal and I’m trying to find out if it would do her good to start drinking at home. I think she’s worried about feeling pants after a glass.

Here’s the benefits of NOT drinking during the week at home.

1.  You save money
2.  You don’t put on weight due to empty calories
3.  You sleep better, my mummy finds it hard to sleep with alcohol in her…unless she’s passed out!
4.  You don’t wake up with a hangover or feel rubbish the next day
5.  Wine encourages snacking which is bad news for the waistline
6.  Health risks and alcoholism (See Independent article)

Does that make her boring…well yes, I think so. So how does she wind down? What’s her end of day reward? Well, nothing really. She doesn’t smoke anymore, she doesn’t really drink, she doesn’t really watch much telly….she reads, blogs and um..writes. She has no vices. Sounds a bit boring.

My mummy doesn't like wine

Here’s the benefits of drinking wine during the week.

1.  Helps you relax
2.  Helps you forget
3.  Numbs the pain
4.  Gives you a buzz
5.  Makes you happy
6. Tastes yummy
7.  Some health benefits (See Independent article)

Maybe my mummy doesn’t need those benefits at the moment and she can cope without it. She sometimes wishes she could be part of the ‘mummy wine drinking club’ but she just doesn’t enjoy drinking alcohol during the week. It serves no purpose and is a waste of money for her. Mummy drinks on nights out to get drunk and have a good time. She drinks to excess, she’s part of the binge culture, taken from the work hard, play hard ethos from the 90’s. Unless it’s all night session that involves a dance floor, it doesn’t warrant opening that bottle of wine, one or two glasses every other night is a waste in her eyes.

Drinking wine
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My mummy is an all or nothing kind of girl.

Do you drink during the week, and if so what are your reasons, we’re really fascinated to know and need to make sure she’s not weird.

Love Bella x


37 thoughts on “My mummy doesn’t drink wine…is there something wrong with her?

  1. I don’t drink during the week either – unless it’s a special occasion or night out. I love the taste of wine but I don’t like the extra calories or the hungover feeling I get even after one glass.

    I wouldn’t describe myself as a binger though. I will enjoy a couple of glasses of wine or a beer on a Friday or Saturday night – sometimes both and I will drink more on nights out but I get a lot of enjoyment from a single drink.

    If I’m being honest I don’t like the whole ‘mums drink to numb the pain of parenthood’ culture. I am also very careful about how I refer to alcohol in front of my children and how they see me using alcohol. I very rarely drink in front of them and never to excess. I prefer them to be in bed before I have a drink.

    I hope that answers some of your mummy’s questions!

  2. I don’t drink during the week either…..It takes all my effort to get up on a morning for the school run without adding alcohol to the mix the night before. My wine drinking is reserved for a Friday and Saturday evening…..hehehe

  3. I’m not a mum and I can’t imagine being one, but even so, I don’t drink at all! I’ve just finished University and I think I drank alcohol about 3 times in 3 years and even then it was one drink. I just don’t like it!

  4. I don’t drink during the week, I don’t drink a lot really and know my limits and when I know if one more will be too much. I don’t think not drinking is boring either I much prefer a coffee x

  5. I used to drink quite a bit pre-BattleKid but one late night and a 6am wakeup from a 7 month old made both my hubby and I think it wasn’t a good idea anymore. That and an 11 year old son of a friend telling us he couldn’t wait to start drinking because “mum and dad are never without a drink in their hands”. Right there our lives were fast forward for us and we vowed to change our ways so BattleKid didn’t say the same in years to come!

    As a result we’ve been completely tee-total for over 2 years and have never looked back since. We’re healthier, happier and 6am is a breeze. Alcohol no longer has any appeal to us, so I can completely understand every point you’ve made. Tea wins hands down these days x

  6. I very very rarely drink! I don’t agree with drinking infront of my children either and I don’t ever feel like I NEED a drink I’ll only drink on occasions maybe!! Thats just me though and the bad connotations I have with drinking!

  7. I very rarely have a drink now, and the idea of being drunk just makes me feel sick and nervous. I have found it can be awkward to explain to my friends that really like a drink, but it just doesn’t interest me!

  8. I have to admit, I do drink during the week, usually a glass after dinner. I like that wine relaxes me and it makes me sleep better. Of course, we are talking about just one glass, not more than that 🙂

  9. i use to drink a lot especially through uni and a few years after. i would drink after work with colleagues, friend’s birthdays, events even if they’re during the week but now, ive cut down a lot and don’t regret it.

  10. I actually don’t drink at all. I have never like the feeling brought on from alcohol and I come from a family who don’t understand moderation. If your mummy is boring I have no idea what I am lol I too don’t have any other vices.

  11. I am completely tee-total, I don’t drink at all. One of my sons asked me once because his friends Mum drinks wine. I think, well I hope he understood why I can’t drink. I’d love a glass of wine, but as I take so much medication I can’t risk it. I like wine *Cries in a corner*

  12. I’m not a Mum and I’m Prosecco over wine but I don’t tend to overly drink in the week that often. I don’t have a standard drinking routine, I can not drink for weeks and then drink every day of the weekend including a Thursday night. I just make sure to not drink in excess over and over because I know it’s not good for me

  13. Your mummy isn’t alone. I don’t drink at home. If we go out I’ll occasionally have a cocktail or something but I’m not good with wine. Don’t get me wrong I love a good night out on a weekend but a hangover as a parent is completely different to one before. x

  14. I think Mummy is very sensible. I’m a lifelong teetotaller and have never had any desire to drink. There are so many good reasons for not drinking and I certainly don’t miss what I’ve never had. As I’ve never drunk alcohol, I don’t need it to cope.
    PS I do find the ‘mummy wine culture’ (and also the ‘mummy gin culture’) a little bit irritating!

  15. I love wine. In fact enough that I have quit mid week drinking as it was becoming a bad habit. But dear Baby Isabella; I LOVE Friday’s!!! Good on your mummy. #TwinklyTuesday

  16. I have to admit I love a glass of sparkling wine in the evening, We always sit down at the table every night for our meals and it is a real family/social thing. We share our day and our lives and talk about whats been in the news etc. Having a glass of wine is part of the social side of it for us.

  17. I used to drink a fair bit during my university years and I would say it was for fun, but in many ways I think it helped me with social anxiety. But after a terrible time in my life I found that alcohol was making me feel worse. Once I married and got pregnant I gave up drinking all together. I honestly don’t really like alcohol any more and I am now scared to loose control of myself and not be fully conscious of my behaviour. I celebrated my 40th recently and I had ladies only night at home with my closest friends and I drank a few glasses of champagne and discovered I like the taste of ridiculously expensive champagne. But I felt awful the next day! I love the feel of a wine glass in my hand and can drink a little now, about 1/4 of a glass is my limit. Sometimes I just drink Apple cider in a wine glass because it feels special #twinklyTuesday

  18. I do like a nice glass of wine or two but extremely rarely during the week and even weekends it is usually because we have people round for dinner or something. I can easily go without it and not drinking me calories is definitely part of the reason, but not the whole story. I often join in the jokes about mummy wine drinking because there has been the odd, extremely extremely rare day when I have felt I needed a glass after dealing with the kids so it is fun t, but even then I rarely follow through and have one! Xx

  19. I like to have a bourbon or two after the kids get shipped off to bed. It helps me unwind and to be honest, I like the taste. Been a long time since I’ve been buzzed, but I enjoy sipping on my drink while I watch TV for an hour or so. #twinklytuesday

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