The FiBs 2015 #freshvoice

The FiBs 2015

Dear mummy, so where was I before I got engulfed by all this BiBs 2015 Awards malarkey? All the razzle dazzle made me take my eye off the ball and I got sucked in thinking I could compete in this popularity contest. Oh yes Blogging. Blogging for me and blogging for us.

What’s occurred to me is that mummy bloggers stick together. The awards were announced 3 weeks ago and the knives are out and the pressure is on. Friends have voted for friends. Circle and Linky partners have voted for each other and suddenly the little voices are left out in the cold. However I’m not bitter, just relieved.

One of my sensible tweeters helped me see the error of my ways just two days into the voting. Half way though drumming up votes on my Twitter DM campaign trail, she stopped me in my tracks – and left the conversation. Oh dear mummy….have we upset her. Damn it.

Blogging should be FUN, and not a popularity contest to see who gets the most votes for a contest that is probably rigged anyway. We risked losing the only friends we had on Twitter by doing a stupid ‘please vote for us’ plea.

Never again.

Why do you need an award anyway for doing what you do eh? Pfff.

I told my mummy this last night. I also agreed to make her an award of my own. So today I presented it to her.

BiBs2015It’s called the FiB ‘Fantastic in Blogging’ it might be a lie, as we know my mummy isn’t THAT great, but what it does demonstrate to her is that she is FANTASTIC anyway for doing what she does.

So…bloggers that don’t get through to the stages of the BiBs2015…maybe make your own FiB. You owe it to yourself 😉

Lots of love Bella x


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