My Daddy’s Cufflinks

My Daddy’s Cufflinks

Woweee mummy, I feel just like a movie star! You recently commemorated my handprints and footprints in fine silver encasing them forever. Just like they do on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Small Print Basingstoke

It’s lovely to capture precious moments in life, through photographs and videos and you believe it is really important. My Daddy carries a photo around in his wallet and takes me to work in his pocket and loves to show me off, however for Fathers Day you wanted to buy something for him that he would cherish and would be practical.

My daddy works in a suit, he’s a London suit. My Daddy can’t carry me to work and I’m sure his colleagues wouldn’t appreciate a terrible two running havoc in the office. *picture THAT Mummy!* So with a bit of digging my mummy found a wonderful company online called Smallprint which can take direct contact prints from a child’s hands and feet and reproduce in a wearable form.

Small Print Basingstoke

They are an international company that have local franchises from the US and Australia to the UK! Smallprint was set up by a mum who also wanted to cherish her little ones and make pretty keepsakes. It sounds like a great idea and Smallprint make jewellery for women and men! BINGO – Perfect for Father’s Day! Smallprint’s cufflinks are cool and Daddy can wear me on his sleeves with pride.
Smallprint’s jewellery is cast in fine silver and not sterling silver which means it is slightly softer and you are paying for better quality. Sterling silver contains a mixture of other metals and alloys which means it is 92.5% pure, while fine silver is 99.9% pure. However, all the items that are attached to the imprint jewellery such as chains, clasps, key fobs etc is in sterling silver. Smallprints jewellery range start from £45 (the cheapest being a fingerprint charm) and include all consultation and materials in order to get the perfect print and the jewellery item and delivery. 

Smallprint Basingstoke

It may seem expensive but you get what you pay for and is reasonable for a personalised piece of jewellery. It would be perfect for a special occasion. Smallprints turnaround time is usually four weeks. Smallprint jewellers take time to make sure your pieces are finished to perfection. However we found out that if you have special birthday or anniversary and you’ve left it a bit late, let them know and they will see if they can fulfil your order in time…what nice folks!

We contacted our local Smallprint franchise based in Newbury and Basingstoke and organised to meet up with a lovely lady called Liane at a local craft fair. Here I had direct contact prints taken of my hands and feet, while we pretended to Daddy that we were making something for Grandma. My mummy found the perfect item for Daddy on their stand which were beautiful cufflinks. Shhhhh don’t tell Daddy!

Small Print Basingstoke

Taking a print was fairly easy as all I had to do was dampen my feet and hands with some solution and stand on special paper. This captured my unique prints. It was good fun and the kind Smallprint representative was very friendly and put my mind at ease. My feet tickled when she rubbed the safe, non-toxic ink-less solution on my skin with a pad. Afterwards she showed us the print to make sure we were happy. As you can see it came out very well 🙂 Prints on paper can be taken from the day a baby is born as you can get a good shape of them.

Small Print Basingstoke

We patiently waited a couple of weeks for our cufflinks and they arrived through the post. We had to grab them before daddy saw them. They came beautifully presented in a little black bag and box and look really smart. They came with a little information note on how to care for the jewellery and a mini silver cleaning cloth which was handy as well. The prints on the cufflinks are clear and you can make out the shapes of my handprint and footprint. We were pleasantly surprised how well they reproduced on such a small piece of jewellery.

Smallprint Basingstoke

Shhh. Don’t tell daddy we’re giving then to him for Father’s Day we can’t wait to see his face! We think Daddy is going to be really happy with them. Smallprint also do a wide selection of jewellery and silver items, so if you are looking for an unusual and personalised gift then this would be a fantastic place to start.

Love Bella x
Disclosure: We received a discount off this item in order to write an honest review.
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Basingstoke’s NCT Easter Party

Basingstoke’s NCT Easter Party

Dear Mummy, a couple of weeks ago we visited the Basingstoke NCT Easter Party. We had such a great time we had to tell you all about it. For those that don’t know what NCT is, it’s a charity set up to provide support to parents and families up and down the country. It stands for National Childbirth Trust. We’ve been firm supporters of our local Basingstoke NCT Branch since my mummy joined her antenatal class over two years ago.

Basingstoke NCT Easter PartyMy mummy met some wonderful people who were first time mums (like her) and who she continues to hang out with and are now friends for life. She had such a positive experience being on the course that she believes it directly influenced her positive birth experience too. Her NCT friends and the support groups were there for her when she had a rough couple of months in early motherhood and have continued to give her support.

We’ve been to nearly new sales organised by NCT groups in the past and picked up some bargains but now my mummy and daddy wanted to go to one of the NCT’s organised parties to help raise money for the charity. It’s been a great way of meeting other local people and seeing what children’s activities are available in the local area.

Entrance to the NCT Easter party was £5 a ticket per child, which gained us entry to Lychpit Village Hall and adults were free – so we brought Grandma with us as well. Included in the ticket price was a free easter goodie bag on completion of the Easter Egg Hunt and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in 3 FREE 20-30 minute taster sessions put on by some local businesses. This was a great way to see if any of these activities appealed to me.

We had to pre-book onto these taster sessions via email in advance as the organisers didn’t want over crowding on the timed sessions. Eeek we were all so excited! The taster sessions included activities ranging from messy play to cake decorating to dancing! Sound like a perfect way to spend a morning, my mummy thinks. All my little friends were there as well, so we got to hang out while our parents chatted over a cuppa and a slice of glorious home-made cake. The lemon drizzle was to die for and was made by one of my mummy’s friends.

Basingstoke NCT Easter PartyThe NCT Easter party was held in a lovely hall, which looked a little bit like a converted barn, with wooden beams and exposed brick walls. All the taster sessions were played out in different corners of the barn along with a crafting table, a raffle table and Routine Riots who attended to face paint and blow balloons for the children. Routine Riots were also accompanied by no other than the real Rapunzel! I couldn’t believe my eyes having just watched Tangled the previous day. She was stunning and the dress was beautiful. I had my photo taken with her by a local photographer who was covering the event called Little Tot Shots. We haven’t seen the photos yet, but have been told that they look great!

Before we could sit down and have a natter it was time for me to put my apron on for the first session which was with the creative Splatter Monkeys. The name kinda gives it away what this session was…..messy play! Splatter Monkeys are based in Basingstoke at Viables Craft Centre right next door to Pots2Paint and run sessions during the week for little ones. It includes messy play, sensory play and general creative freedom. Lots a messy play without having to tidy up after yourselves…..? My mummy likes the sound of this.

We only found out that day that Splatter Monkeys also can travel to your home as well and hold sessions for parties. This is such an awesome idea! At the NCT Easter party I had a great time playing with the dyed spaghetti and rice, playing with water and foam, and covering myself in paint. But not to worry! I was wearing a provided apron so I didn’t get any mess on my clothes. I played with the other children until my free taster session was over and had a great time. It’s convinced my mummy that we need to visit Splatter Monkeys soon for a longer session.

Basingstoke NCT Easter PartyAfter the messy play session we had a breather and my mummy enjoyed so cake while Grandma took me outside to explore the Easter Egg hunt. We picked up a clue list and hunted high and low for the Easter eggs. Quick as a flash we’d finished, as we could hear other children shouting where the eggs were hidden and I just followed their voices. We exchanged our score sheet for a goodie bag filled with crayons, bubbles and treats. Well worth the £5 ticket price!

Then all of a sudden I could hear music coming from inside the hall. I love dancing and as quick as a flash I ran in and joined the second taster session organised by Kids Kan Dance based in Basingstoke. We followed the instructors lead and danced around the hall, waving musical instruments and silk scarfs. I danced with my (boy) friend, much to daddy’s dismay! Everyone else thought it was kinda cute! We might have to book ourselves onto a course after this!

We had a bit of a gap after the dancing so I decided I wanted my face painted. I knew straight away who I wanted pained on my cheek…….Olaf from Frozen.

I’m in love with this little snowman chappy, his big carrot nose and white snowy skin. Routine Riots did a great job for painting my face and even added sparkle so he twinkled in the light! Only for £2! Even my parents were impressed. I glanced at myself in the mirror then went to go and show my friends. He looked so pretty! My first EVER face paint and one for the family album.

Basingstoke NCT Easter PartyThe kind Tot Cross Buns were next up and even though we haven’t booked on to this timed session they had a spare seat, so I sat next to my friend and decorated my cookie and coloured in my gift bag. I stamped my bag with paint and vegetables cut out into interesting shapes. I had great fun eating my way through the edible decorations! They too are based in Basingstoke and run baking classes for little people like me, to give us a greater understanding of food and what certain foods are. Very educational. They also do cookery parties for little ones! It’s not all cake you’d be glad to know – they cook homemade meals with children too!

We had a great couple of hours and met some wonderful local businesses. Hope you like reading my little overview x


Love Bella x






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