Gazillion Bubbles Fun for everyone!

Dear Mummy,

I can’t wait to show you these brand new Gazillion Bubbles from Funrise Toys! They were sent to me to review and couldn’t have come at a better time. With the UK slowly easy it’s restrictions we have a summer of fun to enjoy in the garden and I can’t wait to invite friends and family over to play with these cool bubbles.

Bubbles are for everyone and always provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment. This week we have been preparing for sunnier days and getting the garden ready. So I capitalised on the sunshine and headed out to play with my new bubble machines (check out my YouTube video above to see them in action).

We had a few days of sunshine so it seems a good time to get my outdoor toys ready!

I was kindly sent Gazillion Bubbles Rollin’ Wave, Gazillion Bubbles Sky Bubbles and Gazillion Kid-in-a-Bubble to review.

Gazillion Bubbles Rollin’ Wave creates an instant wave of bubbles when you turn it on. Simply pour the mixture into the base and press the button to switch it on (and off again) and the bubbles are there almost immediately. Saves my folks blowing bubbles for me to chase around the garden! The machine requires 3AA batteries that are not included, but it’s easy to unscrew the base of the machine.

The Rollin’ Wave machine comes with a 4oz. bottle of premium Gazillion Bubbles Solution which is great for getting started. You don’t need to use much solution as a little goes a long way with this machine. However all bubble machines do use up a lot of bubble solution in one session (I was playing with it for 30 mins). Once you have finished using the machine you can use the spout to pour the unused mixture back in to the bottle, ready for the next time, helping to limit waste.

I was most impressed with Gazillion Sky Bubbles, mainly because it was like a two-in-one toy! It is designed to look a bit like a helicopter that you launch into the sky with a ripcord, leaving a stream of bubbles in its wake. The bubble solution (4oz bottle included) is poured into the spill proof base and the helicopter placed on top. One firm tug and it was off into the sky. Bubble spectators watch your head! Especially if a little one is facing you!

Sky Bubbles is completely new to us and I haven’t seen a bubble toy like this before. It reminds me of a spinning top but this one also incorporates bubbles. I loved the way it flew into the sky with the added bonus of a bubble flurry, it goes super high too – so watch that hedge!

Gazillion Bubbles Kid-In-A-Bubble was great fun but a bit tricker especially with wind causing mischief. However with the right weather conditions you can create a bubble so big that a kid can fit inside!

Simply fill the tray with Giant Gazillion Bubbles Solution, dip the giant wand into the tray, and gently raise upwards to create a giant bubble! With easy assembly and easy cleanup, the bubble fun never ends! Each Kid-In-A-Bubble includes two 8oz. bottles of Giant Gazillion Bubbles Solution. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.

Gazillion Bubbles Sky Bubbles and Rollin Wave are available from Argos at around £10 and you’ll find Gazillion Kid-in-A-Bubble on Amazon for £15. It’s great that all sets include bubble solution so they are ready out of the pack!

Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent these Gazillion Bubbles to review all thoughts, bubble footage and squeals of fun are our own.

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