In the deep dark woods…


In the deep dark woods… Dear Mummy it’s funny how some places just get better and better with age. The Vyne in Basingstoke is one of them. It’s a large National Trust estate. We’ve been many times before and each … Continue reading

Pumpkin Carving at Manydown Farm

Pumpkin Carving in Basingstoke

Dear Mummy, we spent the weekend preparing for Halloween. From creepy painting to cake baking we had a fabulous time inside the house while the weather was frightful. However Sunday was a beautiful day so we ventured outside to Manydown … Continue reading

Bonkers for Conkers at The Vyne

Bonkers for conkers

Sunday 28, September 2014. Dear Mummy, we’ve gone bonkers for conkers this year! Our annual conker hunting trip to The Vyne ended in a huge success when we stumbled on a hidden Horse Chestnut tree off the beaten track. We can’t disclose … Continue reading