Push Kate Push!

Push Kate Push

5 reasons why we’re excited to see another Royal Baby!

1) We love getting sucked up in all the buzz of the coverage on telly. My mummy is a sucker for live coverage and live news feeds. #RoyalBabyWatch

2) It’s a royal baby! Any new arrival is special, but this one makes history. The baby’s sex makes no difference to the line of succession. We’re fans of the Royals in this household (I know a lot of people out there aren’t) we love celebrating our history and national pride.

3) The not knowing….is it a girl, is it a boy? eek exciting. Maybe another future prince for me to marry!

4) What will Kate be wearing when she presents the new baby to the world, who will be the visitors?

5) ….all the months and years to come watching this new baby grow up to be fourth in line to the throne. Will the be a¬†wild child or a reserved royal? Who knows..

Bella x ….or Lady Isabella in future?

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