My magic Star Projection Cube

My magic Star Projection Cube!

Dear mummy, we’re always on the hunt to find products that make your life easier and my life magical. A couple of weeks ago we found something so cool that we just had to share.

I have a Cloud B nightlight which I love, but I wish we’d found this product by LifeMax sooner.
LifeMax Star Projection CubeWe’re reviewing a Star Projection Cube by a company called LifeMax. We’d never heard of this company and were amazed at the range of products they supply. LifeMax is like an innovation centre for all things health & wellbeing and tech. Visiting their website is a bit like viewing a programme from Tomorrow’s World (something my mummy used to watch back in the day).

LifeMax sell products ranging from high-tech gadgets and gifts to lighting solutions and wellbeing products. They are local to us and based in Thatcham, Berkshire, UK. They are renowned in the care industry.
It’s not the sort of place you’d think to look for a child’s nightlight, but we stumbled on them from Amazon.
LifeMax Star Projection Cube buttonsWe wanted to test this all singing, all dancing high-tech nightlight and we were amazed when we received the product. It’s fabricated in China and complies with all UK safety certificates.

It’s not what we expected when it came through the door. A small white box, it measures 10.7 x 9.6 x 9.6 cm. It doesn’t look very big I think and it’s awfully light! It’s super lightweight infact and feels like if you were to drop it, it would break.

But don’t let looks deceive you it’s packed with magic! It’s like a little box of tricks! I’ve already dropped it a couple of times much to my mummy’s dismay and it works fine! Sturdy little thing!

It’s not just for little people either. My mummy spent hours listening to the natural sounds while in the bath and found it very relaxing. There’s a heartbeat, rainforest, babbling brook, bird song and ocean sounds along with sweet lullabies and music. Perfect for newborns.
LifeMax Star Projection Cube LightsThe reason we were drawn to it was because it projected stars onto the ceiling. We hunted high and low for a star projection nightlight. I have a fascination with stars and love to see them on my ceiling when I go to bed at night. If I wake in the middle of the night, the stars calm me down and send me back to sleep.

The added bonus is that the lights change colour through the spectrum of the rainbow which is mesmerizing.

It also boasts a whole host of sounds and music. Which sound so realistic! My mummy’s favourite sound is the seaside. Amazing! Close your eyes and you are almost there!! My mummy loves to chill out to the soothing nature sounds. The mixture of lullabies and natural sounds is unusual and we haven’t come across this before and it’s perfect for the whole family who might need help to relax. We only wished we’d found this when I was a smaller baby/newborn! It would have saved lots of sleepless nights. The only thing we would change about it is the light, maybe make it a bit more powerful, so it really projects those stars onto the ceiling – at present the stars are very faint when positioned on my desk, a meter away from the ceiling.

There are big grey buttons to help you select the sound of your choice or “shuffle” mode. You also have the options of sound only, light only or both.
It’s on a timer which is reassuring and the sound will auto off after around 30 minutes. Which is great as my mummy could listen to it all night and it doesn’t drain the batteries!

It uses 3 x AA batteries or optional standard adapter (neither included when you purchase online but easy to source) and retails for £19.99 which is an absolute bargain for what you get!

LifeMax Nightlight
We’re going to take it on holiday with us, as it will fit into a suitcase snugly. There’s been a couple of occasions when I’ve used it as a disco box and danced around it like my mummy dances around her handbag. It’s very funny to watch!

We keep raving to our friends about how great this nightlight is. It’s not just a nightlight though….it’s a relaxation system. Now we need to figure out whether it belongs in my room or in my mummy’s room!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

Dear mummy, so it’s got to this.

You are staring at your hand filled with sleeping pills. This has been the hardest post to write, you see this blog was only ever supposed to be recording the happy times.

Unfortunately recently we’ve only had the bad. Illness, no sleep, relationship problems. You’ve done quite well shielding me from how you feel though. With a family history of mental health issues ranging from Alcoholism, which lead to your father’s death at 52, to eating disorders and depression. It’s about time something was going to happen to you.

At Christmas it’s always worse. Trying to keep everyone happy, putting a fake smile on, telling yourself that you are happy. Some days you are. Some days you are not.

So, here you are. Sleeping pills & pain killers or writing this post to get it off your chest. People sing about contemplating suicide, but until you actually feel like you can do it, do you fully emerge yourself in the task of planning it. Fantasising on ways that you could end it all. Hanging on window blind cords, driving your car into a brick wall or inching slowly off the motorway. Taking drugs mixed with sleeping pills and going to the kitchen drawer downstairs and grabbing a knife. You’ve thought about stabbing yourself in the stomach a lot, you don’t think you could cut your wrists.

Sleep deprivation and lack of self-esteem has led to this post. You hate yourself and feel others are mocking you and bitching about you behind your back. You feel you aren’t good enough to be a mum, by feeling constantly judged by others. You aren’t good enough to blog because you can’t spell or use grammar correctly. You’ve failed at being successful by being a lowly graphic designer. You’re ugly, fat and hate yourself. Daddy doesn’t listen to you or respect advice that you try to give. Always wanting to be in control of everything and you feel like a spare part. Surely no-one would miss you….except me. I’m the reason you are writing this post instead of ending it all. I’m the reason you are doing this blog, I’m the reason why you are trying to live your life. You are doing a shit job at it mummy and screwing it all up.

What to do…?

I don’t know.