The New Forest Fairy Festival 2016

Dear Mummy, we visited theย New Forest Fairy Festival recently and had a magical time. It was our second year visiting and it’s become even more popular with hundreds of people *cough* I mean fairies descending on a quiet english village … Continue reading

No more tears with the Akord Bath Hat

Keeping soapy suds at bay! Dear mummy, you know how much I hate getting water in my eyes and ears, so we couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled on this product on Amazon. It’s by a company called Akord … Continue reading

Survive a heatwave with a toddler

Survive the heatwave

Survive a heatwave with a toddler My mummy hates the heat. She’s born for the cold and the winter. So when she found out we were due a heatwave this week she decided to try to make the best of … Continue reading