Meanwhile….down on the farm….

Meanwhile……down on the farm…..

Friday, March 14, 2014.

Dear mummy, I have my farmyard animal Boden dress on and I am raring to go!

It’s late Friday afternoon and we head to our local National Trust haunt The Vyne. We’ve only got a couple of hours to spare before I go to grandma’s house, so mummy and I spend it running around like mad animals in the walled garden.

We meet a lovely National Trust man who is hosing down all the children’s toys ready for the weekend. I grab a tractor and mummy drives me around the vegetable patch and flower beds. I stop to look at the daffodils, beep my imagery horn and mummy pushes me back up the path. I’m a bit small for this tractor and my feet don’t really touch the pedals so I disembark and help with the gardening.

I clear up sticks from the grass and put them in my wheelbarrow. I would make a great National Trust volunteer!! Only a quick diary entry today…as I’m staying at Grandmas house, and she says no phones in my cot.

Byeeeeee Bella xxx

Driving around on my tractorBig wheelbarrowOn my tractor Putting sticks in my wheelbarrow