My first birthday bash

Sunday, February 2, 2014.

It's my partyDear mummy, Woweee, it’s taken well over a week to get over this party! All the excitement, games, little people running around…..I think I need a holiday to recover! Thank you for organising it for me, when I’m older I probably won’t remember a thing, this is why I’m writing it all down now.

It’s funny how you went to all the effort of organising something soooo big for me, but I can understand that it’s a celebration of my first year on earth and that you’ve made it through as first time parents!

My 1st Birthday CakeSo, where to start? Ahhhhh the cake! Lovingly made by Martha’s Tea Party in Winchester. You can read about it on her blog x

It was a beautiful pink ombré cake perfect for a baby girls 1st birthday! It went down a storm, so much so that I’m glad you got a backup cake for all my family and friends. Within 5 minutes it had disappeared destroyed by all the hungry guests.

I know you spent hours setting up the hall using Pearl & Earl paper balls in hot pink, pink and blues. It looked fab and very eye-catching (perfect for us little ones) we liked grabbing them and patting them with our little hands. The streamers from Pearl & Earl in matching colours offered the perfect backdrop to the cake display and added another quirky touch to the room. We were lucky to have the bright sunshine that filtered in through the windows that made the coloured decorations truly pop!

Ball PitAt my party, you set up a ballpit for me and my little friends to play in, I could tell that you adults were also interested in getting in on the action (how is it that grown-ups love Ballpits?!?!) again you matched it to the colour theme, so well done mummy. The Princess Ballpit came from Argos at £9.99 and was part of the 2 for £15 range – much cheaper than hiring something!

You stocked up on balls at £4.99 at Argos as well, much cheaper than at Tescos or ToysRUs 🙂

Lastly Tiger Stores provided you with an awesome Tent, bubbles and party bag bits’n’pieces ranging from £1 upto the tent for £10…. Bargain!

Party BagThank you for putting together the party bags, which included snacks, bouncing balls, creepy creatures, mirrors, activity books, water balloons, stickers and things to chew on… They went down a treat! I liked how you used glittered stickers to personalise them and small wooden pegs to clip them closed. The coloured pastel rainbow bags and ribbon were a great buy from HobbyCraft!

Mummy, you must spend a small fortune in that place!! It is like your second home 😉

Turtle cakeOne of the best parts of my birthday bash, was my personalied cake based on my BEST friend on the whole wide world ‘Turtle’. The Cake Workshop in Southampton did a fantastic job of recreating my little Lamaze toy. He looked so scrummy and I just wanted to bite his head off, but I had to share him with my friends so we cut him up for the party bags. He was filled with sponge and jam….yummy. Everyone could have a bit of turtle hahahah 🙂 they even included the pink ribbon which my grandma sewed onto him after I nearly lost him in Portsmouth.

Attention to detail was fantastic and he came in at the same price you would have paid for an M&S birthday cake!!

The day thatWe had a face painter, who painted our faces like tigers and monkeys and my older friends really liked that, even my Grandma got a shamrock painted on her cheek because the 6 Nations Rugby was on!! She’s a big Ireland fan x

Last but not least, you got me a superb present from The Day That, a framed print from the day that I was born, a perfect reminder of my special day.

thanks mummy. Bella x

Ireland Rugby teamp.s a quick change afterwards to watch the rugby was a great idea, even if daddy didn’t approve on the choice of team!!

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