I can have a dark side too…

I can have a dark side too…

Saturday, February 22, 2014.

*Cue Star Wars Theme*

Dear mummy, in a galaxy far far away, Storm Troopers were landing at Winchester Science Centre. Daddy is a MASSIVE Star Wars fan so we head down to check them out. I must admit even mummy was impressed by their fantastic costumes and friendly attitude and she’s a die hard Trekkie!! UK Garrison played great characters and were happy to lark around with us little kids and the ‘big’ ones! 🙂

UK Garrison dress up for fun and are volunteers that give up their spare time to raise money for children’s charities and to spread the love of Star Wars! Sounds like an ace way to bring joy to people. They certainly made our day 🙂

Darth Vader and buggySo who did we see? My mate Darth, he doesn’t say much but was charming as ever – in a Simon Cowell kind of way 😉 I was quite intimidated by his size. He was the tallest person there and had a massive head and it was funny seeing him scaring all the children. But he stopped to push my buggy – legend.

Daddy was star stuck and is bit of a geek so we stopped for a photo, even the guy in the background wanted to get in on the action. I was quite taken with the storm trooper when he wasn’t looking, however every time he looked at me I would shy away. I was creeped out by his scary eyes!

Eventually I turned to the dark side, walking towards daddy and the the crew at UK Garrison. One little robot that I felt comfortable with was R2-D2 and I was fascinated by his flashing lights and turning head. He made me laugh when he whizzed past me.

Thanks mummy and daddy for taking me to Winchester Science Centre. More adventures here to follow when mummy lets me write them up 😉 Bella x

Dark side


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