Wootton House Daffodil Day

Wootton House Daffodil Day.

Sunday, March 23, 2014.

Dear Mummy, fresh air at last and it’s a welcomed relief from last week being stuck indoors due to Chickenpox.

It’s lovely being outside and away from the telly, don’t get me wrong watching the telly while I was sick was a lifesaver to keep me distracted, but hibernating is not good. I was getting square eyes by the end of the week and mummy was climbing the walls! So fresh air was the order of the day.

Daffodils and buggyMothers In The Know Basingstoke (MITK) are great at recommending things to do in our area and we follow them on Twiter for regular updates. On Sunday they recommended daffodil picking at Wootton House to raise money for the “daffodil” charity – Marie Curie Cancer Care.

At 2p a stem it would be rude not too!! All proceeds going to charity. The weather is a bit hit and miss as we head on a short journey to Wootton St Lawrence just outside Basingstoke.

We’ve had hail, rain and bright sunshine so mummy and daddy pack an umbrella and rain cover for my buggy just incase.

It’s like four seasons in one day and we wrap up warm. Daffodil fieldThe daffodil open day is at a private house out in the countryside, who’s family open it’s doors once a year in Spring to allow members of the public to pick their own bunch of daffodils which carpet their large gardens.

As we pull up in the short drive we are greeted by family members and locals of the village, who guide us into a parking space and into the grounds. It was £1 entrance fee per adult and children were free on the day.

The sky looks ominous but there are plenty of visitors already picking daffodils and children running a muck around the lawn. It’s a stunning house and mummy and daddy start by walking around the perimeter of the garden.

BluebellsWe past a vegetable patch and some greenhouses, it’s clear the owners are keen gardeners. Even at the start of Spring the garden looks immaculate.

It’s not only daffodils that are on display at Wootton House, we find some other pretty blooms as well. However, we are not allowed to pick these, mummy reminds me ;).

There are so many types of daffodils to pick and my mummy has never seen so many different versions! A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon walking around the grounds, looking and smelling the beautiful spring flowers.

Bella xx

All money raised on the day went to Marie Curie Cancer Care – read more about the charity here.Bella and BlossomCarrying the flowersBella and Daffodils Beautiful daffs

11 thoughts on “Wootton House Daffodil Day

  1. Oh bless her, chicken pox is no fun – glad to see she is on the road to recovery. Apparently its going around here too, hoping Sebby gets it out the way! Looks like a fabulous day out

  2. Days out like this with the addition of it being for Charity are always nice. How great that you could help yourself to a bunch of Daffodils!

    1. Thanks Kaz, the daffodil day was on again today and it brought back wonderful memories. I was very little, the event hasn’t changed, if anything it has gone from strength to strength! Some gorgeous blooms down there and great raising money for charity 🙂

  3. Looks like a great place to visit. Great that you have that resource available to find things to do

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