HAPE – Early Explorer Plane

Dear mummy, for my second review on my blog this week I have decided to review one of my newest toys. My mummy bought me a blue wooden HAPE airplane from John Lewis for £5.99. I reached out for it in the toy department and she had a couple of quid left on one of her gift cards, so decided to get it for me 🙂 Ordinarily it’s not something I would go for, as it has no sounds or flashing lights, however I liked the look of it and I was fascinated by the spinning wheels and loved poking my little fingers through the holes.

HAPE wooden toy planeHape is an international manufacture of high quality and environmentally friendly wooden toys. They were founded in 1986 in Germany by Peter Handstein and distribute toys to over 50 countries. He’s like Father Christmas! He must have a lot of elves working for him!! Their toys have been designed to be neither cultural, language or gender specific. The toys should appeal and engage with all, helping to promote intuitive play. I love HAPE’S company ethos and the way HAPE strives to be ethically and environmentally friendly. It’s a refreshing change from other toy manufactures. You can find out more about HAPE here.

So, the toy itself. It’s packaged in simple cardboard with strings to hold the toy in place. No plastic has been used. It’s easy to open and I play with the box too. It’s a hand powered plane with bendy wooden wings. Mummy shows me how to hold and glide it through the air. She makes a whooshing sound as it whizzes by my head. After handing it to me I mimic her and make ‘seeeeeeethhhhhing’ noises though my teeth and swing it around my body. I wave my arms up and down and grip hold of it tightly. It also has little wooden wheels and I roll it around on the carpet and up mummy’s leg. It’s really good fun.

For a small wooden ‘simple’ plane, my mummy is amazed by how much enjoyment it brings to me. An impulse buy was actually a really good buy. It just goes to show that you don’t always have to purchase ‘all singing, all dancing’ toys 🙂 well done HAPE!



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