Hydromol Ointment – Helping my Eczema

Hydromol Ointment – Helping my Eczema

Hydromol 1Dear mummy, it’s only been the past couple of months that I’ve suffered from bad bouts of Eczema. I’ve had dry skin for as long as I can remember, patches of it appearing on my arms, back and neck. It’s the scratching that I can’t stand. I remember Mummy changing me after my bath and it was so itchy that I made myself red raw. Even though Mummy kept pulling my hands away, as soon as she wasn’t looking I was back scratching my arms and around my shoulder blades. Both Daddy and Mummy were very worried and clipped my nails to try and discourage it. Then one day I came back from nursery with scratch marks over my arms. It looked like I had grazed myself with some sharp needles. That was the last straw! And I was swiftly packed away to the doctors for a check up on my skin.

Hydromol 2As I’m so fair (Mummy likes to think I’m Strawberry blonde, but between you and me I’m actually ginger), my skin shows up every little mark and dry spot, my arms were looking like a patch work dolls and I looked like I’d been going through the wars. Our GP recommended Hydromol Ointment, which could be applied liberally at any time of the day. It’s used to help with Eczema, Psoriasis and dry skin. Hydromol Ointment comes in a large ‘vat-like’ tub which puts Sudocream’s piddley little pot to shame! It’s huge and nearly as big as my head! There’s certainly no way I’m getting this tub in my mouth, trust me I’ve tried! 😉 It’s a wax based Paraffin product which is very thick and locks in moisture, reduces the itching and acts like a barrier cream. It soothes my skin, and I love mummy and daddy rubbing it on me in the evenings just after bath. Double pleasure when they rub it on my forehead while I’m drinking my bottle.

Hydromol 3It works very well and distracts me and stops the itching, long enough for me to get to sleep. But one thing Mummy and Daddy are really impressed with is that it evens up my skin tone. If I’m blotchy, red and sore, it reduces all of that. A real find. It may not work for every baby, as we’re all different, with different types of skin, but for a general all rounder I can’t recommend it enough. It contains NO fragrances, NO colourings, NO additives or preservatives and is suitable from birth. You can melt it into the bath under warm running water, apply direct to the skin or use it as a soap. My mummy’s even used it for her elbow patches! It was a prescription from the doctors so Mummy paid the usual fee, but for roughly £7 for a large tub of relief it is definitely worth the money.

Bella x

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One thought on “Hydromol Ointment – Helping my Eczema

  1. Both of my twins suffer with dry skin which can get sore – don’t think it’s eczema but I think we might invest in a tub of this x

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