Little Tikes – Stacking Ring

Little Tikes Stacking Rings

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Dear Mummy, a recent shopping trip to ASDA ended up with you buying me a little stacking ring toy. How is it that when you go to do a food shop you always end up buying toys?! Does anyone else have mummies like this with the same food shopping problem? So this week I will review this cool toy. We had seen this little set of rings at one of the soft play centres we visit (Bouncing Tots in Chineham ) and I loved chewing on the rings. Mummy thought it was a good idea that I had one of my own, as I nearly took it home with me last time. For £3.50 it was a bargain! We all know the value of play and how important it is for us little ones to explore through touch and senses. I was very grateful when mummy returned from shopping with this treat and eagerly put it into my mouth with drool dripping everywhere.

Little Tikes Stacking Rings

This stacking ring toy is from Little Tikes, a leading children’s toy manufacturer. They have built their reputation around creating quality toys which are safe, durable and are regularly tested for any harmful substances.

They’ve been established since 1970 in the US and are most recognised for their worldwide best sellers, the Turtle Sandbox and the Cozy Coupe Car. Their toys do not contain BPA, latex, harmful PVC and Phthalates. They make the majority of their toys in the US and adhere to strict guidelines.

A fun little history of Little Tikes can be found here 🙂

Little Tikes Stacking Rings in action

The stacking rings which I have are on the lower end of the scale of toys that Little Tikes produce. Cheap and cheerful, it’s bright and colourful, made out of baby safe toxic free plastic with little patterns moulded onto it.

Each ring has a different texture which is great as a sensory toy and helps with tactile senses. The rings are a perfect size for me to hold and grip with my little fingers. It’s so lightweight that I can lift it myself and move it around the room. It’s also very good for developing my dexterity and fine motor skills.

They remind me of giant plastic donuts and are yummy and juicy, perfect for sticking in my gob 🙂 they are definitely helping with my teething!

A lovely little gift, ideal for a kids party and to keep little ones entertained. I haven’t yet mastered the art of stacking in the correct order yet, but I’m sure with a lot of practice and watching mummy do it I can emulated and figure it out.

Bella x

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