Basingstoke Festival of Transport

Basingstoke Festival of Transport

Sunday, May 11, 2014.

Dear Mummy, you’ve attended this event for the past couple of years and enjoyed it, so we decide to head down to Basingstoke’s War Memorial park and check it out. We go in the afternoon as the weather has been mixed today, with it raining heavily all morning. We hope it’s not cancelled as my Grandpa likes cars.

We get there just after lunch and start off by looking at the Deloreans, best known from the great film ‘Back to the Future’, no Micheal J Fox here though. Daddy likes all the nice modern cars but mummy likes the vintage ones. Here’s a snap shot of our day.

Transport 3

Transport 2

Transport 1

A free day out for all the family and car enthusiasts will love it, you will need to pay for parking but it only costs £2 for the whole day. Loads of food outlets including fish & chips, old fashion sweet stalls and coffee stands and a small auto jumble.

We were amazed by the rows of double decker buses and military vehicles. Basingstoke’s War Memorial park has it’s own children’s play park and park gym as well to keep kids entertained. A good, cheap way to spend the day.

Bella x

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