Tried and Tested – Little Green Radicals

Little Green Radicals Review

Little Green RadicalsDear mummy, at long last the Little Green Radicals sale has arrived! Unfortunately we didn’t get to it quick enough and a lot of the autumn/winter related clothes (long sleeve tops and leggings) had sold out. But we did manage to pick up this super cute summer dress, lovely earthy brown cardigan and funky striped berry leggings. It’s still the heat of summer but already my mummy’s directing her attention to finding clothes that are suitable for the colder nights.

Little Green Radicals PackagingHere’s a little review on the Little Green Radicals clothing we purchased. We had a bit of a who-ha with ordering, as the online stock was showing up differently then when they went to go to the warehouse and dispatch, but it was quickly and professionally dealt with by a lovely customer service representative called Gaby. Little Green Radicals are renowned for their quality and attention to detail. The cardigan we purchased had a beautiful embroidered owl stitched onto the front. They also are very ethical and all their clothes are organic and fairtrade. See their story.

Dress printOriginally I had picked a long sleeve top to go with my berry coloured leggings, but they had sold out after I placed the online order so I was offered another choice of the same value or similar, so I picked the gorgeous chocolate coloured cardigan.

Bella in Little Green Radicals DressThe goods arrived quickly and came with a cute little owl postcard. It was all beautifully folded and presented. And the clothes were true to size, neither too big or too small for me.

I wore the dress straight out of the packet as I loved it so much. It was light and soft cotton, so perfect for this hot muggy day.

Owl detailThe berry legging we’re perfect too and we loved the colour ways. The cardigan, obviously wasn’t our first choice but looked pretty to and was a great cover up.

I would love to be able to afford their clothes at full price, but until I get my own pocket money I will leave the sale shopping to my mummy. She loves a good bargain.

Bella x

Family Fever

7 thoughts on “Tried and Tested – Little Green Radicals

  1. ooh loving those bits! Never heard of Little Green Radicals before, but I shall be checking them out for sure!
    x x

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