Skibz Review

Skibz Bibs Review

Skibz Bibs 1Dear mummy, I must be teething as drool is dripping from my mouth! At 18 months old, I only have 10 teeth…2 front bottom, 4 top front and 4 molars piercing the skin, they must be biggy’s coming through as my mummy has never seen drool pour out of my mouth before like this!

We need something more absorbent than the supermarket towelling bibs daddy got for me, as they are not up to the job and mummy keeps changing my bib every couple of hours. At nursery I return with all my bibs soaking wet….Urgh!

We had heard from a friend that Skibz were good, so decided to bite the bullet and order some.

So what is ‘Skibz’?

Well, they are like no other bibs my mummy has seen! They are award winning, super absorbent bandana shaped bibs. They look more like a fashion accessory than a practice bib. But trust me, they are very practical. We ordered off their website and they have a good selection of colourful and patterned versions. We also saw them listed on Amazon and for sale at John Lewis. Skibz has been going since 2008 and founded by a mum called Helen when she couldn’t find anything on the market for her little children. They were dribblers like me you see. I like the fact that moisture is drawn away from my skin when I dribble, through to the second layer of the bib, this helps prevent rashes and blotches under my chin.

Skibz Bibs 2My mummy was very impressed when they came in a super shiny silver jiffy bag through the post and I was instantly attracted to the packaging. My mummy thinks I’m just like a little magpie looking for treasure. The packaging itself makes a really good sensory toy and I run my fingers over the bubble wrap envelope and reflect the sunlight off the silver.

We ordered the leopard print bib, the polka dot pink bib and the pink gingham bib. I even wore the leopard print one to Marwell Zoo, which was kinda cool when I saw the real leopards. Skibz currently have a sale on and I picked mine up for £5-£8! I tried them out and they were much better to collect dribble then any bib mummy had tried before. They were also very large and had easy poppers at the back. We had such lovely comments from family and friends when I wore my new Skibz out and about and they didn’t even look like conventional bibs. We’ve washed them since on a high temperature lots of times and they have still held their shape and look great.

A good buy and we love the funky patterns and quick delivery 🙂 another fab British company.

We can’t wait for the Christmas versions!!

Bella xx

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