Trendy Tots Thursday

9 October, 2014.


Dear mummy, we’ve been all over the place this week and not had much time to get out and explore. I’ve been wearing my ‘bog’ standard nursery combos of leggings and long-sleeved tops….which is a bit boring. However, my mummy stumbled across this little image of me in my outfit. It’s a cute dungaree set with black and white strips and a long-sleeved red baby grow. We love the detail with the cool AC/DC style lighting bolt stitched in red. It feels lovely and soft too 🙂

Um.. and the shoes are mummy’s… brought from M&S a couple of months back! 😉 *I have a thing about shoes atm*

Trendy tots

Check out Rockabye-Baby online for fabulous ‘punk’ togs for children. They also have a SALE on now!

Bella x

6 thoughts on “Trendy Tots Thursday

  1. Bella, you are adorable! One day you will master walking in mummy’s shoes, my little Leah loves trying to wear my knee high boots at the moment… her legs are not quite long enough yet to reach the bottom. Your dungarees are beautiful too! #TT_Thursday

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