Just for Tiny People 2nd Birthday Party

Just for Tiny People’s 2nd Birthday Party

Just for Tiny People CakeDear Mummy, we love birthday parties! Especially when they are hosted by talented and creative Just For Tiny People Teepeesindividuals such as Effie Moss from Just for Tiny People.Just for Tiny People Teepees

The open day/second birthday party was listed on their facebook page and people traveled from far and wide to visit their business premises and celebrate their success since the notorious Dragons Den appearance on TV. (Series 12 Episode 5)

Just for Tiny People have done well! Capitalizing on their fame and talent and Deborah Meadens 25% stake in the business, they are also hot shots on social media too with over 154k likes on Facebook alone!

It helps that they make beautiful products too!

They are renowned for creating beautiful teepees and secret hiding places (Hidey Holes) for children and babies, we got to see the products first hand over the weekend..and let me tell you they were stunning!!

A bit out of my pocket-money budget, but if I pester my mummy enough *cough* I mean Santa, I might get one. Sadly we didn’t buy anything, the open day proved very popular, with queues of people out the door and through the starlit marquee.

Just for Tiny People ChristmasThe marquee was placed just outside their business premises on a farm and it had a lovely rural location which was nice.

Flattened teepees, colourful cushions, mats, postboxes and pillows were stacked high in the marquee in a rainbow of colours and patterns.

We loved their Christmas display with the magical owls, Santa postboxes and Just For Tiny People booksChristmas pillows, it was all professionally laid out and looked so cute, the children seemed to love it x

My mummy was busy taking photos while I was scouting the goods. The staff were very friendly and buzzing around like busy bees, So we didn’t get much time speaking to them. My visit wasn’t actually planned either, so they accommodated me very well.

We were in the Guildford area visiting Hatchlands Park owned by the National Trust which was a couple of miles down the road and briefly popped in.

Anyway, we left without trying the fabulous cake, shaped into one of their beloved teepees! A best seller for Just for Tiny people! So cute.

I wore my Frugi Owl dress and it matched my #JFTP Magical Adventurer sticker. I’m a great lover of owls so love Just for Tiny Peoples owl branding. We watched the youngest member of staff Alice, kindly hand out tons of sweets to customers waiting in the busy queues and all children were very well behaved!

Big People at Just For Little PeopleNext time they run an open day it would be nice to have an area were the children can hang-out and test the teepees and play with toys, while the adults queue up and purchase, as I got figity at how busy it was in the marquee. They must have done a roaring trade over the weekend as it was soooo busy- well done! We love to see an independent UK small business do well. We are avid followers on Facebook and they usually run some fabulous competition to win their tepees. We can’t wait to see more of Just for Tiny People’s ingenious ideas come to life, such as the cardboard, foldaway teepee and the tablecloth sheetfort/playarea.

I promise next time we’ll stop to have a proper cup of tea, cake and a chat.

Well done on a fabulous 2nd Birthday and open weekend.

Remember tonight at 8pm (13th October 2014) they have an online market sale on their facebook page, so pop over and have a look!

Love Bella xx

7 thoughts on “Just for Tiny People 2nd Birthday Party

    1. Hi Kim, I’m sorry you feel this way about this company. We’ve never ordered through them so can’t comment on the product, all we know is that the staff seemed friendly. Fair play to any businesswoman who works hard to get a new start ‘bedroom’ company off the ground. I’m sorry you felt the need to post on our little blog to vent your anger and plug your FB page. Baby Bella x

      1. Dearmummyblog:

        I’ve only just seen this comment, even though it was posted a few years ago now. At the time I was searching google with their company name to see if they were any proper reviews.

        Your page popped up and I wanted to warn people of what I and others had been through and potentially of the pitfalls that one could come across from dealing with them.

        I do not sell anything on this Facebook page I mentioned or on any other. It was to give more information on my review (and others) which is something to which I could not do on here with one comment box as I felt the full picture (with evidence to what I was saying was needed)

        One is bound to be angry and bitter when you have been missold a product then made to feel in the wrong and refused a refund.

        I think it’s irrelevant of how the company started, weather in a bedroom or a great big factory a company should comply with the rules and regulations and treat their customers with respect, honesty and fairness.

        My comment was not made in malice.

      1. I have a life thank you Jax, one that I can say I’m happy with.
        Maybe one should take a look in the mirror before making unnecessary comments and try to have something we humans call… What’s the word 🤔
        Oh that’s it…empathy. Especially when it’s clear a person/persons had been put through a lot of stress and upset by this oh so magical company that are so extra special and just for tiny people.

        Let’s hope you never have to endure an experience like I (and many others did) with this company.

  1. I don’t think that was a page plug in the sense that it’s advertising for business. Over christmas a huge number of people were very badly let down by JFTP not supplying items that had been paid for months before. If only she had owned up and actually refunded people before christmas perhaps they wouldn’t be so angry. Even more so when you find the reviews for the christmas before where they did exactly the same.

    Kim could also have mentioned the hopeful homeworkers who are asked to create three tepees from fabric given to them, which they have to post back to JFTP (at their own expense) only to hear nothing again. This is quite possibly where the goods for sale on these special days comes from. They may have great pr but it’s not backed up.

    1. John:

      As above. Ive only just seen your comment and I agree with what your saying. In regards to the homeworkers, I did hear about that at the time and I think I mentioned it on my page (it memory serves me correctly)

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