All Our Own Crafts

All Our Own Crafts

Pop-up shop in Basingstoke’s Festival Place, Hampshire.

All Own Own CraftsDear Mummy, we popped into Festival Place in Basingstoke over the weekend and stumbled upon this great little shop that only opened a couple of week ago. It’s called All Our Own Crafts. It’s a pop-up shop selling crafts and other fun stuff made by local crafters. What a wonderful idea! It’s the brainchild of local artist and crochet extraordinaires Tracy at Eden Reborn and Kate at Loopy Needles.

The shop specialises in vintage crafts, prints, jewellery, candles, cards and decorations and what’s more it’s all HANDMADE! My mummy was instantly drawn to the shop, she loves bright and colourful things and can’t resist a bit of quirkiness in her life. The shop is open and opposite TK MAXX until Boxing Day, perfect for one-off Christmas presents.

The staff are helpful and friendly and allow you to browse the store without pressure buying which is great. I love the Alphabet Flashcards from Hope and Rainbows, the colourful block paintings from Stephanie Block, the Fairy Doors from Butterflies and Cupcakes and the Sock Animals from Snuggly Sockimals. Such a great selection baby clothes, vintage shabby-chic pieces and items for Christmas too.

All Our Own Crafts ShopWhat’s nice is that they also provide a Christmas ‘Wish List’, so my mummy is going to pop in nearer Christmas and fill out her sheet of items she’ll like Daddy to buy for her….much better that the typical box of chocolates and underware that she usually gets (no offence Daddy!)

The shop space is big and is a temporary position for All Our Own Crafts, if they prove to be popular they might return to another unit in the New Year!

They are also introducing craft workshops in the store, and have a large table with craft items (paper, pens, paints etc) for visitors to play with when they browse through the items. I can’t wait to go back during the Christmas shopping weekends and stay with mummy and draw while Daddy shops for us 🙂

All Our Own Crafts have only been open a little while and already they seem to be drawing in the crowds (no pun intended!) If you are in Hampshire shopping for Christmas, then we would definately recommend a visit to this wonderful store in Festival Place, Basingstoke. You can keep an eye on their workshops and opening times on their Facebook Page. We’re supporters of all things locally sourced and made.

This is great example of how Basingstoke is starting to support local Artists, Crafters and Businesses. Well done!

Lots of Love Bella x

All our Own Crafts Basingstoke

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