My ‘Baaaaaaa’ animal neck pillow

My ‘Baaaaaaa” Animal Neck Pillow

Dear Mummy, you are always on the eternal quest for sleep. To find products to help all of us sleep better, ear plugs for yourself, nose plugs to stop Daddy from snoring, night lights to keep the scary monsters away and the list goes on. You’ve known about a company that can help, they are masters in ‘pillow’ talk… well pillows of the fluffy kind. The company is called Theraline and they make clouds of sleepy joy!

Theraline Animal Neck Pillow They are best known for producing top quality breastfeeding pillows in a multitude of patterns and colours.

When my mummy was pregnant with me she used their pillow to pop between her legs to make it more comfortable to sleep at night and take the pressure off her hips.

She also continued to use it as a breastfeeding pillow and a soft cushion to prop me up. So we know the quality and longevity of Theraline products already. No other supplier seems to have a more extensive product range of pillows for maternity in one place.

However, today it’s the new kids range that we are reviewing. If you haven’t heard about Theraline they’ve been established since 1993 with the aim of offering high-quality maternity and well-being products at great prices. They are climate aware too and actively look to balance they CO2 emissions by putting money into environmental projects. All and all a good reputable company which makes it more reassuring to buy from.

The Theraline Animal Neck Pillow arrived in a clear plastic zipped case which looked super cute, I’ve already decided that when I’m not storing my pillow in it I’m going to use it to carry around my toys on long car trips. I spend ages playing with the zip on the bag until I realise that the pillow has been neatly folded and put onto the table.

At first glance it looks like a cuddly toy, it’s super soft and brilliant white, not so sure it will remain white for much longer though! I unfold my new friend and see that he is a sheep! That’s so cool I think! I point out his stitched nose and eyes and proceed to give him a big squeeze.

I love the way he feels and the sand-like Theraline Animal Neck Pillow sheepmicro-bead filling moulds to my grip and makes me giggle. I swing him around as he’s not too heavy and wear him like a bag over my shoulder; I don’t think I’ve got to grips with this whole ‘neck’ thing.

I spent the next 20 minutesTheraline Animal Neck Pillow  2 talking to him and preparing him an imagery drink, mainly to make him feel more at home. I fill the clear zip bag with my toys and carry him to the car.

The high functionality of this super cute ‘Baaaaa’ animal neck pillow means that I can play with him and go to sleep on him.

He’s a great travel pillow and I use him briefly for a head support. Unfortunately I start to dribble on him and make him wet, which I don’t like and take him off to inspect the wet patches.

However he’s easy to wash and wipe clean, good thing too with a messy pup like me using him! Funnily enough I use him more outside the car to play with than to sleep on, but on longer car journeys my mummy will help me put him on, to save my head from lolling around the car seat. It would be good if Theraline introduced some more characters to their range like a pink pig and a green crocodile!

He would make a nice little Christmas present for any child that likes to ‘nod off’ in strange and unusual places!

Love Bella x

Family Fever

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