No spills and some thrills – Dr Brown’s Training Cup

Dr Brown’s Training Cup

For tried & tested this week we are trying out this new training cup from Dr Brown’s. I’m a bit of a mucky pup and constantly spill juice down my chin and knock things over. So we’re hoping this training cup from Dr Brown’s is a good solution to my dribbly ways.

Bella and Dr Browns Trainer Cup 3The packaging is basic but it does the job, it comes with a nifty little instruction booklet which handley fits in the bottle and tells you how to clean the cup.

It comes in two colours, pink & yellow and blue & green. It has soft grip handles for me to wrap my little fingers around, it’s a good size 270ml (roughly 9oz) and is a sturdy bottle which easily fits in my mummy’s rucksack.

Sometimes the handles can stick out when shoving it into a bag which is a little annoying for mummy but I don’t mind. All parts are interchangeable and you can use the trainer cup without the handles if needed. It’s got a hard spout which it great to bite on, perfect for when I’m teething.

Bella and Dr Browns Trainer Cup 2It’s really easy for me to use, I’m 21 months now so have strength and dexterity to lift and hold things in my little fingers.

My hand finds it easy to navigate around the Dr Brown’s training cup and I like drinking from the spout. It’s sip activated and only works when I suck to drink.

I find it much easier than drinking from a straw and there is a lot less mess! It’s a non-drip non-spill cup too which means no little accidents when I drop it 🙂

It may not be the prettiest drinking vessel to look at but it’s super functional and practical. It would be lovely if Dr Brown’s made some of these with pretty patterns and colours…then it really would tick all my boxes.

Dr Brown’s products are renowned for quality and this little training cup doesn’t let the standard slip in this non-drip 😉 *see what I did there* It’s BPA free which is reassuring too.

Love Bella x

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