Millie Beau Designs

Millie Beau Designs, Camberley

Dear mummy, it’s not often that we stumble on something that takes our breath away. This has got to be one of the cutest dresses we have ever seen! We’re drooling over photos we found on Twitter of party dresses made by a local dress designer based in Camberley, Surrey, UK.

Millie Beau DesignsMillie Beau Designs is one of those quirky designers that you find on #handmadehour. We usually spend hours swooning on Pinterest and Etsy looking at funky kids wear daily and we don’t think you can get much funkier than this.

We love the fabrics Millie Beau Designs use and the reversible dress design. It’s perfect for when you are at multiple events and need to have a quick clothes change for another. (Sounds like a trip to the Oscars eh?) Over the weekend, we had a couple of parties to go to. I spilt food down my frock and then my daddy quickly changed by baby grow, reversed my dress and TAD DAH! A whole new look.

Millie Beau DesignsWe love the subject matter of the dress. On one side is a woodland scene with giant toadstools, squirrels and hedgehogs in deep bright colours.

The other side has rainbows and unicorns on it! Which is always a winner for my mummy as she LOVES unicorns! There is no-show through and the hems match perfectly which demonstrates a good seamstress.

This A-line reversible tunic dress is so easy to wear and it has a long shelf life. I’m also going to wear it as a top instead of a knee-length dress when I get bigger.

Millie Beau DesignsThe arms have plenty of room and are cut generously. Our dress is for a 2-year-old but Millie Beau Designs do a range of different sizes and styles of clothes on their Facebook page too. Prices range from £8-£15 for sale items up to £25-£30 for more bespoke dresses. Well worth the pennies!

We love the attention to detail and their dresses are all handmade and unique. The large plastic buttons are colourful and fun but also practical as they aren’t fiddly small buttons! Daddy approves of this design feature as he has fat thumbs!

Millie Beau DesignsWe received some lovely comments from other parents and at least two asked us who the dress was made by on our adventures so far.

Well done Millie Beau Design, a beautifully cut dress, well made and quite the head turner with a funky and unusual fabric used.

We can’t wait to expand our collection further, these dresses are perfect layered up over long sleeves and also with bare arms in the summer time as they have been made from soft cotton. The perfect day dress and party dress combined.

We’ve teamed our Millie Beau Designs dress with tights from Boden and Sky blue shoes from Livie and Luca.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

13 thoughts on “Millie Beau Designs

  1. oh wow! What a stunning dress! It’s BA good job I have a little boy not a little girl, or I’d spend a fortune on clothes. I’m bad enough with his as it is!

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