The all star Picklesuit!

The all star Picklesuit!

Dear mummy, I’m always on the lookout for innovative products to make your life easier as a parent. I think I’ve found the perfect item!

imageIt’s called a Picklesuit! *said in a cheesy radio voice* “No need to get into a pickle with this fab ‘leg popper-free’ all in one baby grow!”

Yes, you heard me right mummies. NO LEG POPPERS!!! No fiddly little leg poppers to try and do up one handed in the middle of the night with a screaming newborn or a wriggly toddler.

We stumbled on Picklebee, the company that created the Picklesuit on Twitter one evening and just had to see what all the fuss was about.

Picklebee was set up by a crafty, mother-of-two from London called Melanie. Her children (AKA Little Pickles) inspired her to set up her business. She struggled to do up leg poppers on both her children’s babygrows and decided to do something about it. She developed a new easy-to-use babygrow substituting leg poppers for moulded plastic zips. You may think ‘ouchie’ but in fact it is rather comfy. You see Picklebee has created concealed fabric flaps to stop the zips rubbing on baby’s skin.

imageThe main selling feature of this unique baby grow is that it allows parents to un-zip the legs quickly on the child’s lower half. This helps to do discreet and easy nappy changes on the go. Picklebee have still retained the upper poppers of the babygrows to allow the design to remain flat on the child. The Picklesuit has wide arms and non-slip soles (6+ months) making it the perfect loungewear for me. I can run and roll around in it with no bother.

It retails from £18 and is a bit pricey compared to other supermarket and high street shops. However for a luxury and quality item – you get what you pay for.

Wearing this would be perfect for long lazy Sunday’s chilling out in onesies with the folks or on Christmas morning relaxing.

The PickleSuitI received the fleecy red and white star version in size 18-24 months and it fits me perfectly! I’m actually 26 months and it’s like a glove (I’m slightly small for my age though)

As soon as I see it in the packaging I want to open it. It looks very inviting and it is wrapped beautifully! This would make a lovely baby gift my mummy thinks.

It’s bright and super soft and I can’t wait to get it on!! The quality is great and it’s been manufactured in a British factory which is reassuring to know that we’re supporting British companies.

The Picklesuit looks a bit scary at first with the zips and the flaps hanging loose, but is quick to master zipping me up. Infact I want to help my mummy!

imageOnce on, I parade myself around the front room looking and feeling very smug. It feels so soft and the design is very eye-catching. I have a thing for stars at the moment so this babygrow is very apt.

imageA lovely, unusual design, a perfect little ‘loungewear’ item for your little pickle! I love it! A very thoughtful design and it has helped my mummy already for quick nappy changes.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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11 thoughts on “The all star Picklesuit!

  1. Your grow looks lovely and not having leg poppers is a huge bonus. My son had a suit with a zip down one leg and across the body and it was much easier to get him in but I could never find the style again! #sharewithme

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