Messy play is #Betterwithcake

Let them eat cake!

Dear mummy, one of the first words to tumble out of my mouth at 19 months was “Cake” it’s such a lovely word. It reminds you of birthdays, treats, special occasions and good times. Whenever you want a ‘pick-me-up’ you have a cuppa and a piece of cake. Your waistline hates you for this!

Mr Kipling sent my mummy a selection of his cakes and asked me to write about what things, for us, during the easter holidays have been better with cake. Cake for us is all about getting together with family, taking a time-out and making activities more fun. Cake is a good reward for good behaviour too 😉 *hint hint mummy*

We wanted to show you how much cake means to us… but we can’t bake 😦 So no cookery post here! However we love painting and crafting so we’ve decided to create a masterpiece!

We loved Mr Kipling’s clever cake art installation billboard outside Westfield Shopping Centre and their recent marketing campaign, so we’re creating artwork inspired by their cakes and taking photos of our masterpieces.

Mr Kipling's cakes
Getting ready for our messy play with Mr Kipling’s cakes

I’m colouring in some of our favourite Mr Kipling’s cakes and embellishing them with glitter and sparkle.

Messy play is always better with cake!

Here’s our version of some of our favourite cakes…

Cherry Bakewell’s – My mummy sketched the cake and I helped colour it in with paints and glitter.

I copied the box to get the colours right and added some of my hand prints. My mummy used the leftover cake packaging as handy paint pots that I could dip my paintbrush into. Clever thinking mummy!

Mr Kipling's Cherry Bakewells
Our artwork for Mr Kipling’s Cherry Bakewells

French Fancies – These are my mummy’s favourite, so I had to battle to get one to eat! I studied one of the pink French Fancies in order to get my painting just right. Then I demolished it! Hehe…it was very yummy.

Mr Kipling's French Fancies artwork
Mr Kipling’s French Fancies artwork

Here’s a little video of me eating them too!

Do you love Mr Kipling’s cakes as much as we do?!? As you can see I don’t share them! 😉

Love Bella x

Mr Kipling's Exceedingly Good Cakes
Mr Kipling’s Exceedingly Good Cakes
Messy play is better with cake!


Mini Creations

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12 thoughts on “Messy play is #Betterwithcake

  1. Yum! I haven’t had French Fancies in SO long, they are my favourite- except the chocolate ones- they are nasty! Looks like a fun day! #minicreations

    1. Ditto Katy! The chocolate ones are my least favourite too! We love the pink ones, yellow ones and the cool Halloween ones Mr Kipling does! My daddy loves the chocolate ones 😉

  2. Lucas says – Messy play AND cake? You are a genius Baby Isabella and I feel I should be saluting you. You’ve done an awesome job with your painting and I definitely agree with you, cake is ALWAYS an excellent reward. Sending you XL MEGA High-5’s for being so awesome this week xxx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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