May the fourth be with you!

May the fourth be with you!

Dear mummy, I know how much daddy loves STAR WARS I though it would be nice to do a post just for him. In his honour.

My Daddy's STAR WARS Obsession

My daddy’s obsession started when he was just a kid he loved watching all the STAR WARS films and playing with the great 1980’s toys. Growing up in the 80’s was a fab time to be a kid. Great films, great cartoons, great toys and you could roam the streets with make believe lightsabers made of sticks and not get done for ASB. My mummy on the other hand was raised up watching STAR TREK with her daddy (one of my grandfathers – who I never had the pleasure of meeting) and watched it religiously.

UK Garrison

When my daddy grew up ….*when*!?! Pah! He had a job which could fund his STAR WARS obsession, he bought full scale lightsabers, an authentic Obi Wan Kenobi costume and DVDs of his favourite films. My mummy has recently bought him tickets to STAR WARS Celebration in London 2016.

STAR WARS Celebration

You see my mummy thinks he looks a little like Ewan Mcgregor, Obi Wan Kenobi in Episode 3. He’s grown a beard and has the same hair colour and bought the clothes and props. You may ask why is he doing all this? Well, he’d like to join Rebel Legion, associated UK Garrison, a troop of costumed volunteers who attend events all in the aid of charity. They give up there free time to bring joy and happiness to children and adults alike and regulary attend events for Naomi House, Starlight, Cancer charities and Children’s charities.


We’ve seen them in action at Winchester Science Centre, Highclere Castle and in Festival Place, Basingstoke, helping to raise money and raise the profile of local charities. It sound like a great hobby to get involved with, satisfying your urge to dress up and have some form of escapism from the mundane week and bring happiness to others. STAR WARS makes my daddy happy.

Daddy as Obi Wan

My mummy thinks it’s a great idea. So here’s my daddy in action – cool eh? We hope UK Garrison can give him a spot on their books.

The dilemma is…will I be a STAR WARS fan or a Trekkie, maybe I’ll like both!?!

Love Bella x

Little Hearts, Big Love


10 thoughts on “May the fourth be with you!

  1. Lovely post, I’m with Mummy I’m more Star Trek than Star Wars but do love the movies even the newer ones, thanks for sharing Sunday Stars

  2. Hi ☺
    I have never watched star wars myself but I think it is really fab that he has managed to turn his love of dressing up for star wars into something so amazing! !hope baby is proud of daddy

  3. My husband is very jealous. He would love a costume – any costume, but, apparently he really wants “Grand Admiral Thrwan”, whoever that is. 🙂 I like ewoks. 🙂

  4. What a fab post. Your Daddy does look very much like Obi Wan Kenobi from episode 3. I hope he gets accepted into the UK Garrison. It sounds like they do a lot of fab work. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars for the first time. It is lovely to have you here. Hugs Mrs H xxxx PS Bella you can be both a Star Wars fan and a Trekkie. I am. and then you get the best of both worlds. Xxxx

  5. Lovely post and I agree with your Mummy that your Daddy does look very much like Obi Wan Kenobi. I have to confess that I have never seen the original trilogy (something that I really must rectify at some stage) although I am a Star Trek fan. I can’t see any reason why you can’t be a fan of both though! Hope your daddy can manage to get into UK Garrison – I think we might have had a visit from them while my daughter was in hospital as we saw a couple of Stormtroopers on the ward once! Thanks for linking up to #FathersDay2015

  6. My hubby (“Daddy”) loves star wars too. I think it wonderful that he is taking his hobby and making people happy by bring some movie magic to the charity events. The Stormtroopers costumes are pretty impressive. I am sure that my daughter will enjoying watching Star Wars movies in the future with her Daddy. Thank you for linking up to #FathersDay2015

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