Cat Crazy Kids at H&M

Dear Mummy, as you know I love cats! I’m forever chasing my cat Gizzy around the house for some love! So imagine my delight at seeing some of H&M’s new kids range in store now!


Crazy Cat Kids at H&M

Woweeee mummy! Can I buy the whole range?! What do you guys think?

Love Bella x

17 thoughts on “Cat Crazy Kids at H&M

  1. I love that cap! So cute! 🙂 I bought my little girl a similar t-shirt as that jersey dress is – the cat’s face is the same but the shirt is white. Love it, very cute 🙂 #tt_thursday

  2. We are definitely cat people here but putting pictures all over everything is a bit much. The hat is great fun, and we loved the leggings though, just wish H and M would make them narrower, they drop off my daughter! #PoCoLo

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