Kiddicone Review

Dear Mummy, we stumbled across a really novel idea on Twitter the other day while we were looking for some baby shower ideas.

Kiddicone Review

It’s called a Kiddicone, an unusual and quirky way to package gifts for kids. It’s like a Christmas stocking which stores gifts but made out of reinforced cardboard and shaped into a large cone. It’s a vibrant, hexagonal cone that you can fill with whatever you want. We were intrigued by the concept so wanted to try one out.

Kiddicone Review

It arrived in a large long cardboard box and I had great fun unpacking it. At first I couldn’t figure out what it was….so I put it on my head, used it as a microphone and danced around it.

Here’s a little video of me dancing and pretending to be Lady Gaga!

It wasn’t until my mummy showed me what it could be used for that I really got it. She started putting some of my toys into the large cone and fastened the netting on top to keep everything in place.

Kiddicone Review

You see the Kiddicone has been designed to be filled (by yourself) with toys, clothes and treats for any special occasion. Kiddicone says it can be used to celebrate a child’s first day at school but we think it’s perfect for birthdays too.

Kiddicone Review

It’s also a great imaginary toy for children because the shape is so unusual. You know how kids like to play with cardboard boxes? Well this is the same thing. I spent hours playing with it. It took a lot of battering too (hitting daddy over the head) and still held its rigidity and shape. What’s more you can get them in a selection of colours and patterns too, so it’s suitable for dinosaur lovers, pirate or princess lovers.

Kiddicone Review

It only cost £8.95 and makes a lovely alternative from wrapping paper and present bags and it can be reused afterwards to hang on the wall as a toy tidy.

A really quirky item and we think it’s fab… would be cool if there was an option to buy it pre filled with toys as well. You can find Kiddicone on Amazon or on their website

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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