Reasons to be excited it’s Autumn!

Excited about Autumn
Dear Mummy, I know you love Autumn and Winter! I can tell by the way you eagerly move all your jumpers and boots to the front of your wardrobe. Ditch the horrible short-shorts and ropey sandals and cover up your white pasty legs with thick black tights for another year.

All the fashion magazines come out and the summer dresses disappear behind black skinny jeans and gothic pencil skirts.

September, October and November are your favourite months and this is why….

1) We love bright chilly days. This time of year is spent exploring autumnal woods and searching for conkers. No need for SPF 50 and dodging the sun, the vampires can come out and play!

2) Hibernating. We love snuggly days hiding in the house under duvets and building sheet forts.

3) Halloween. We enjoy preparing for Halloween and making costumes, baking ghoul-some treats and carving pumpkins.

Dear mummy Halloween 2

4) Guy Fawkes Night. It’s lovely smelling bonfires in the air and watching fireworks from our windows. Having a mini firework display with sparklers in the garden and toasting marshmallows is bliss.

5) Great Telly. We love the nights drawing in and snuggling up on the sofa watching new TV shows in the lead up to Christmas. Whenever X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing starts you know it’s all downhill till Christmas! Downton Abbey is our favourite!

6) Winter fashion. My mummy is a big fan of black, so this time of year she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb 😉 She loves covering up!

Dear mummy blog Halloween

7) Gold and Red. The colours of autumnal leaves.

8) Autumnal Activities. From foraging Blackberries to leaf painting to hunting for conkers, there is so much to see and do in Autumn.

9) Hot beverages. Hot apple juice at Cider Festivals, Mulled Wine and the new Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa Coffee sounds like heaven!

10) Celebrating Harvest Festival. We pass fields of crops everyday in local countryside and are extremely thankful that we live in a country where we have plenty. It’s a reminder to be thankful for what we have and help the less fortunate. Harvest also signifies a cycle in the year, just as important as Spring. A time to shed our worries and draw in loved ones and keep them close.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

Love Bella x

Here’s what we got up to in previous years! Hopefully we will have just as much fun!

Bonkers for conkers

Pumpkin Carving


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4 thoughts on “Reasons to be excited it’s Autumn!

  1. I love summer, but I always get excited at this time of year, time to get cosy and wrap up warm. we love hunting for conkers and then coming home for hot chocolate with lots of cream. #thelist x

  2. Love it – wow you go to town with Halloween 🙂 I love all this too – bright sunny, chilly days with lots of lovely layers and scarfs. Then coming home to get cosy. Can’t beat it! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

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