My witchy costume from Sainsbury’s

Dear mummy, Sainsbury’s are doing a fantastic range of Halloween items in store this week! We popped down over the weekend and had fun choosing our items ready for the 31st.

One item my mummy picked up for me was this cute £10 witches costume. It’s great value for money and comes with a witches hat and a full-skirted dress and hologram flat panel bodice with a creepy Halloween scene.

Sainsbury's Witches Costume

We bought the 3-4 years size and it fits snugly over my long-sleeved t-shirt. Usually cheap costumes scratch my skin so I always try to wear something underneath.

I love the attention to detail, from the intertwined black glitter spider webs on the emerald-green satin and the plastic glitter spider brooch. The gold stitch detail is beautiful and the black velvet sleeves are cute.

Sainsbury's Witches Costume

There is no netting so the skirt doesn’t itch my legs and the gold sequins line the bodice and sparkle in the light. The black velvet also has a fine glitter speck which makes it look more expensive than what it is.

The emerald-green was the nicest colour we’ve seen in shops and makes a change from the garish blood-red and stripe orange and black costumes which are widely available over Halloween.

Sainsbury's Witches Costume

However its a bit difficult to get off over your shoulders as there is no side zip or back poppers. The flat panel bodice is hard to get over my head which isn’t brilliant, Sainsbury’s could have done with loosening the neck and adding some velcro to help get the costume on and off.

Sainsbury's Witches Costume

For £10 we’d definitely recommend this costume. After hearing about the tragic story of Claudia Winkleman’s daughter last year, I am told by my folks that I have to be extra careful wearing this costume around naked flames, like candles and pumpkins full of tea lights, as the costume is highly flammable. Sainsburys have put warning labels on the garment to remind us. So every time I wear this I am supervised at all times.

Sainsbury's Witches Costume

Sainsbury’s Halloween range is really vast, so if you are in store and need a quick costume we’d recommend this. I’m going to wear it at nursery this week and scare all my little friends… where’s my broom? *cackle*

Love Bella x

Family Fever

9 thoughts on “My witchy costume from Sainsbury’s

  1. Sainsburys is our first port of call for fancy dress costumes, they always have such a great choice and good value too. Elliot is dressing up as a zombie mummy for his spooky birthday party and we even managed to get his daddy the matching costume! Elliot still has last years vampire costume too and it still fits so he wants to wear that on Thursday to his Halloween party!

  2. That is a cute costume. But I hadn’t heard about Claudia Winkleman’s daughter. That is shocking. You’re right. Sefety is paramount #TriedTested

  3. What a great costume! I think Sainsbury’s dress up clothes are great quality better than even official Disney Store dress up. No naked flames for us as I worry so much about them catching fire.

  4. I love the green colours on the dress – much more exciting that boring old black!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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