A very festive week

Dear mummy, what a week we’ve had! It’s great to have my folks back home from their travels in New York.

We’ve been doing really festival things this week like putting up our Christmas Tree, reading some Christmas stories and singing some carols. (Well trying to..)

Our Christmas Tree

It’s the first Christmas that I’ve really understood who Father Christmas is, so it’s been a lot more fun for my folks too. They can help my imagination run wild with visions of him coming down our chimney and Rudolf eating carrots left by the fireplace.

Kissing Father Christmas

Here’s the last couple of days in pictures!

I helped decorate our tree by adding some of my favourite characters on it. I also thought I was being helpful and ended up hanging Daddy’s housekeys on there as well. He spent ages searching for them…I thought I was being tidy! 😉

Elsa under the Christmas TreeThere’s this one Christmas ornament that I’m not too sure about…it’s a dancing Christmas Tree. I get spooked out by the crazy dancing and the tree sounds drunk when the batteries start to die! Orchard Toys ReviewI’ve had fun playing my new board game called Christmas Surprises by Orchard Toys and reading some new books which my folks brought back from NYC.Santa in New YorkEvery night my folks read The Night Before Christmas and try to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas….badly!Mistletoe

I’ve discovered Mistletoe for the first time, with its strange pearl-like berries that I want to squish!

We visited Mottisfont’s A Christmas Carol event and loved it. Every year the National Trust at Mottisfont put on a Christmas themed event which we’ve been going to since I was born and you can read about the Nutcracker. We love this NT property and visit in all seasons.

Mottisfont Christmas Carol

We were also lucky enough to visit another NT property this week too called Clivenden and followed their Christmas Trail and met Father Christmas…so far I have seen the man in the big red suit everywhere!

Cliveden National Trust

Cliveden National Trust

My folks also decided to squeeze in a bit of Christmas shopping and we headed to Festival Place or ‘Festive Place‘ as its called this month. While we were waiting around for Daddy to finish we went on a magical train ride to meet Father Christmas, right in the centre of the shopping centre. It was ace and the queues weren’t big at all.

Festival Place Father Christmas


We’ve already indulged in Gingerbread Men, Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies as it’s some of my mummy’s favourite foods! She loves pigging out at Christmas time.

Christmas Yule Log

Meeting Father Christmas

Its been a bit chilly willy too, so we’ve started to pile on the layers..all I need to remember is to stop losing my gloves!!

Cliveden National Trust Play area

Phew! I think we are now in the full swing of the festive season!

Have you been to see Father Christmas yet? We’d love to hear about it x

Love Bella x


14 thoughts on “A very festive week

  1. It looks like Christmas has come to your household this week. Love all these Christmassy activities. We did the 12 days of Christmas trail at Cliveden too and loved it!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Aw, I miss those days of meeting Santa…. while my kids are still young enough to believe no one wants to go see Santa and can’t believe I ever made them sit on his lap.

  3. Ahh this is such a lovely Christmassy post! You are so tidy putting your daddies keys on the Christmas tree! My littlest has been to see a Father Christmas and I think we will try and take my daughter in the next few days as she finishes nursery tomorrow. You’ve given me the idea of seeing whats on at some NT places near us, thanks! x #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Beautiful pictures as always! It really does look like you’ve all had such a magical time lately with all the Christmas festivities. Our girls have seen Santa but only the one at the school fayre. We will hopefully be taking them to Santa’s grotto soon.xx #pointshoot

  5. Loving your festive week, and your tree is gorgeous! I’m surprised daddy didn’t appreciate you hanging the keys on it lol 😉 #TwinklyTuesday

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