Orchard Toys Shopping List Game Review

Dear Mummy, we’ve seen a lot of people post about this cool game from Orchard Toys so wanted to try it out for ourselves. It’s called the Shopping List Game and retails around £7-£8 from Debenhams, ELC and Toys ‘R’ Us.

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

After our last experience with playing with Orchard Toy’s Farmyard Head & Tails Game we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

It comes in a nifty colourful cardboard box with full instructions and a simple quick guide on the box. In fact it’s so simple that as soon as my mummy got it out of the box I immediately started to play with it and picked up the jist of the game straight away…I’m nearly 3 years old.

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

The purpose of the game is to fill your trolley with all the items on your shopping list.

Included in the box

It comes with full instructions, 2 trolleys, 2 shopping baskets, 4 shopping lists, 32 item cards made out of durable laminated cardboard.

How to play

  • Each player takes a trolley or basket and chooses a shopping list. The shopping item cards are spread out, face downwards, on the table.
  • The youngest player begins by turning over a card.
  • If the item on the card is shown on the player’s shopping list, the player puts the card in their trolley. If the card is not on the player’s shopping list, it must be returned to the table, face downwards.
  • Play passes to the person on the player’s left.
  • Play continues until one player has collected all the items on their shopping list and filled their trolley. The winner is the first player to fill their trolley with all the items on their shopping list.

This game encourages observation and memory skills. It’s intended for 2-4 players but I also like playing it on my own. It links with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1.

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

What we love about it

The Shopping List game has been updated recently to include new shopping items, the choice between a trolley or a shopping basket and new style shopping lists, including an iPad looking one!

As with all of the Orchard Toys games, the quality of the playing pieces is excellent and it is fantastic value for money. It’s so colourful and tactile for little ones.

The game cards are made from thick recycled laminated cardboard, are easy to hold and have smooth edges. The shopping lists are easy to read and comes with pictures on the side to help younger children.

Shopping List game is Orchard Toys best-selling game of all time and is considered to be an Orchard Toys Classic having been sold for over 10 years! It continues to scoop awards, including Gold on the 2013 Mother and Baby awards!

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

This game is a permanent feature in our front room and I enjoy playing with it!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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13 thoughts on “Orchard Toys Shopping List Game Review

  1. This looks like a really good game. I think my eldest would enjoy it. Do you know how much it retails at?

  2. I bought this for Little L this year. We haven’t got round to playing it yet but It sounds like he will love it. Great review and thanks for sharing.

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