Keeping kids amused in IKEA

Dear mummy, when we mention IKEA to my daddy it fills him with dread. Usually he just wants to be in and out, he hates shopping especially with me towing along causing mischief. But actually shopping in IKEA can be great fun for the whole family.

IKEA Southampton

We went to IKEA last week just to window shop and meet up with friends and had a great time. It was like a day out for us. We had fun mucking around and spent hours in the store. For us it was an attraction and a great way to spend a rainy day together.

IKEA Southampton

You may ask, how did you keep a toddler amused in IKEA for so long? This is how…

IKEA Southampton

Head to the show rooms and pretend you are in people’s houses.

Have you ever wondered what type of people would live in a house like this? Why not act out a scenario with your child while browsing! We had great fun pretending my mummy was a film star in one of the walk in wardrobes. IKEA showrooms are like a massive movie sets just waiting for some role play action! Lights, Camera, Action!

IKEA Southampton

Have a fancy meal in the IKEA restaurant.

Have you ever noticed how funky and modern the IKEA restaurants are? We have! The restaurant in Southampton isn’t far off a swanky modern restaurant in London, just with cheaper prices and possibility better food!! We love the quirky decor and delicious (healthy) food.

IKEA Southampton

The meatballs are some of the best in the world! Oh and they cater really well for children too! With free bibs, children’s cutlery and own play areas!

IKEA Southampton

Explore all the colours and patterns in the haberdashery section.

We love looking at fabric for interior design inspiration. IKEA is great for its bright colours and cool prints. We could spend ages identifying colours and shape with kids.

Bella at IKEA

Play eye spy in IKEA.

Especially handy when you are looking for something or need to keep a child occupied in the trolley. I enjoyed scouring the store, from my metal vantage point, and calling out objects. My mummy was amazed at how many new words I’ve picked up recently.

IKEA Southampton

Go for a nap.

Beds. IKEA is full of them. They are too good not to be tested. If, like me, you’ve missed your nap time then why not get a little bit of shut-eye in one of their daybeds. I did while my mummy looked around. I even pretended to be Sleeping Beauty and closed my eyes underneath the princess netting.

IKEA Southampton

Have fun.

Shopping in IKEA doesn’t have to be stressful with kids and can be great fun, try to visit on a weekday and don’t rush, just enjoy the experience with little ones or they will feed on your ‘shopping with kids’ fear and anxiety! Mwahahahaaa

IKEA Southampton

Besides, if all else fails just send your kids to the children’s section and they will have a whale of a time playing with the demo toys!!

Love Bella x

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13 thoughts on “Keeping kids amused in IKEA

  1. I love Ikea. We don’t often get to take the childrenn though as we are usually on a mission for furniture and can’t fit the new furniture and three children in the car, but I am looking forward to a new one opening up locally in Reading so we can all go! Ikea is a great place for kids, lots to do. It looks like you had fun.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. I haven’t been to IKEA for years, there isn’t one near me which is very sad. I do remember going as a kid and they had a cinema area you could be left in and my sister and got up and left when Teenage Mutant Turtles came on as mum and dad didn’t let us watch it at home, I don’t think the teen supervising us knew what to do with that bit of information!!

  3. I love Ikea although we didn’t take the children last time we went – I can imagine that it must be lots of fun though for little ones – pretending the showroom area is like lots of little houses and there are certainly lots of things for children to try out! Plus the meatballs are amazing too 🙂

  4. IKEA is fun for the whole family! Acting out people’s lives via the furniture set ups is hilarious, love it! The famous IKEA meat balls are a treat for sure. Thanks so much for linking up with the #BloggerClubUK linky x

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