Are trainers now a fashion ‘thing’?

Are trainers now a fashion ‘thing’?

Dear mummy, are trainers a ‘thing’? Like a fashion ‘thing’ now? If they are then that means you’re in fashion mummy (for once in your life!)

New Balance 574

We’ve seen emails from Kurt Giger, &OtherStories all peddling trainers as the footwear of choice this season. See The Gurdians article of Fashion Trainers of 2016.

It gives hope to all mummas out there, long gone are the ridiculous heels/platforms/super-wedge or whatever you call them for casual weekend wear. Fashionistas are now joining the ranks of the slummy (possibly yummy) mummies and choosing practically and sensibility over pain.

New Balance 574

We’re not fashion bloggers (oh no far from it) but for the first time in a long time my mummy has just scored a goal and bought a pair of trainers she had no idea were actually cool! That, my friends, is awesome. I shall now label her a trend setter 😉 She picked them because she like the bright colour, she picked them for the nursery run and trips to the play park.

These little beauties were obtained from New Balance online store. They are purple 574 trainers…they are officially cool.

New Balance 574

She’s now reading this feeling very proud of herself. The only problem is what the hell does she wear them with….. Ah ha! Now that is the fashion bit!

She went out to buy a magazine to see if she could gain further clarification, unsure whether a Lily Allen type dress and trainer combo would be cool…alas no.

But fear not, fashion wobblers she has found some inspiration! So without further ado here’s how to wear trainers and look un-mumsy doing it! Courtesy of Pinterest because those boards never lie 😉

It seems just as long as you’re wearing skinnies with turn-ups or tapered jogging bottoms then you are on trend!

Love Bella x

New Balance 574

*Disclaimer* I am no fashion expert, I am a toddler. I like bright shiny things, please do not take my fashion advice to heart unless you are Anna Wintour then my door is always open to you and your Prada.

New Balance 574


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16 thoughts on “Are trainers now a fashion ‘thing’?

  1. I remember feeling distinctly “uncool” wearing my trainers when I was a teenager – apparently having your tied laces showing was a huge no-no, so I spent days limping around with a knot in a weird place under the tongue. I’m glad laces are ok now!! #fabfridaypost

  2. Love New Balance trainers as they always come in such funky colours! They stock themat TKMaxx #FabFridayPost

  3. Haha! Great post review! I think I am on the trend with the trainers there. They look really cool and comfy. I need to check them out and I also like the way how they are worn with long coats – very cool! 🙂 Thank you for linking up with us in #FabFridayPost

  4. I tend to be living in my flip flops (pretty ones) at the moment, it’s been so hot for so long here. But I am loving your fashion advice, I love comfy #fabFriday

  5. We have a lot of New Balance trainers because my husband likes them, and I happen to share his shoe size. I am not sure if he will be more mortally offended at being decidedly on trend this season, or being described in the Guardian as previously having been terminally uncool. Hehehe.

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