Our Easter in an (nutshell) eggshell

Dear Mummy, we’ve been super busy over Easter and have crammed a lot in, with days out, a wedding, shopping, events and training. It’s been crazy hectic and we’re gonna need a holiday to recover from the holidays!!

Hotel Chocolate Egg Sandwich

My mummy has eaten her body weight in Easter eggs, visiting Hotel Chocolate and indulging in her favourite chocolate Egg Sandwiches! This week has also been a good time to buy Easter related products with up to 50% off in shops. Paperchase have some lovely items on sale, from fluffy chicks to Easter decorations.

Beaulieu Mad Hatters Tea Party

We managed to get out in the sunshine on Good Friday before Storm Katie flew in and ruined the good weather! We headed to the Mad Hatters Tea Party at Beaulieu Motor Museum. It was an Alice in Wonderland themed event in Hampshire and we had a great time on our first ever visit to Beaulieu as a family.

Beaulieu Mad Hatters Tea Party

We chased the white rabbit around the grounds and visited the motor museum. I loved looking at all the classic cars and Daddy was in his element! My mummy and I wore matching dresses from Bryony & Co and it really felt like spring had sprung at last!

Peppa Pig at Festival Place

However the good weather was short-lived as on Easter Saturday we took shelter from the rain indoors and visited our local shopping centre to have story time with Peppa Pig and George.

Peppa Pig at Festival Place

The event was organised by Rainbow Events and Festival Place as part of their Easter Extravaganza. We sat on bean bags and listened to stories from Peppa Pig and George and the performance lasted around 30 minutes.

Peppa Pig at Festival Place


It was a great idea and considering the weather was poor – perfect timing for families that needed to keep their children occupied while they finished up with Easter Shopping and last-minute egg buying. We had a lovely dinner at Coal, in Festival Place and came away feeling very content and sleepy.

Coal at Festival Place

Easter Sunday was spent exploring the house for eggs, going to church with my Grandma and visiting relatives. It was a fairly subdued day for me. My folks on the other hand had a whale of a time!

My mummy and Daddy

They went to a superb wedding which was just what the doctor ordered and gave them an opportunity to let their hair down and have a bit of a boogie! They celebrated with friends and enjoyed a great disco and company.

Basingstoke Canal

The next day, Easter Monday, was full of hangovers and colds, so a brisk walk along Basingstoke Canal and watching the boats was great fun to clear foggy minds and build up an appetite for a good pub lunch. The weather was bright and breezy and the location, just minutes from Odiham was beautiful.

Basingstoke Canal

Basingstoke Canal

The effects of Storm Katie were evident with falling tree branches and fences everywhere, we even stumbled across some damage at one of the pubs on our walk. It was very muddy on the canal footpaths, so wellies were the order of the day. We played a couple of games walking down the path, like pooh sticks, hide and seek and puddle jumping which was great fun.

Basingstoke Canal

Bank Holiday Monday was four seasons in one day and we took refuge at the Derby Inn in North Warnborough in the afternoon to fill up I some great pub food. I tucked into battered fish and chips with a little saucepan of peas. My folks had ‘hair of the dog’ indulging in a pint and some hearty food.

Bloggers event in Basingstoke

If the weekend wasn’t busy enough my mummy also attended a bloggers event organised by Blogger Events UK on Tuesday evening and caught up with some local bloggers over a pizza and a pamper with the Bodyshop and Zizzi’s Basingstoke playing host. It was a nice quiet affair and gave her a chance to have a massage, a natter over a drink and raise money for charity.

Media Training

During the week my mummy went up to London to train in Adobe After Effects at Media Training while I was at nursery. It’s always good to keep on top of her industry in graphics and she’s learnt a great deal in video production and animation. Now it’s just finding the time to put everything into practice!!

It’s been a hectic week I’m sure you’d agree! At least we’ve burnt off all the calories from the Easter Eggs!

Can’t wait for more adventures next week! Phew!

Love Bella xx


You Baby Me Mummy

13 thoughts on “Our Easter in an (nutshell) eggshell

  1. Crazy busy weekend! You packed loads in. I prefer to be busy too though really. We had a tonne of chocolate too but we’re packing a lot for moving. Love the pic of you guys at peppa and the wedding. Hope all was fun 🙂 xx #twinklytuesday

  2. Looks like you had a great Easter. Them chocolate egg sandwiches are so good! I love the chocolate in their but there isn’t one near me so it is a very rare treat. The Peppa pig show looks great with all the little bean bags around

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