Orchard Toys – Follow that car!

Dear Mummy, we’re big fans of Orchard Toys and even though I’m still only a toddler I love playing their board games and puzzles with my folks. We were sent through a game called “Follow That Car” and the aim of the games is exactly that.

Orchard Toys Follow That Car Game Review

You have to find, match and build your puzzle and follow the vehicles on the road you create. The idea is to use all your pieces, adding to the road by matching the same type or colour of vehicle as you go along. There are also road blocks and roundabouts that you can use to extend the play and make it more exciting. In the box there are 36 vehicle cards, 1 roundabout card, 3 roadblock cards which include a police car, flood and roadworks.

Orchard Toys Follow That Car Game Review

How to play the game

Shuffle all the cards and deal five, face up, to each player. Place the remaining cards, face down, in a central pile on the table/floor in reach of all the players.

Remove the top card from the pile and place it, face up, in the centre of the table. This is the ‘start’ card. If the top card is a roundabout or roadblock card return it, face down, to the bottom of the central pile and take the next card.

Take it in turns to see if you have a card which matches either the colour or type of vehicle at any available road opening. If you have a card which matches, place it next to the matching vehicle card on the table to build the road. Play then passes on.

When adding cards to a road opening vehicles must not face each other.

If you don’t have a card which matches either the colour or type of vehicle at any road opening, take a card from the central pile. Play then passes on.

If you have the roundabout card this can placed at any road opening. You can then play another card of your choice directly after it. Play then passes on.

If you have one of the roadblock cards (police car, flood or roadworks) you can place this at any road opening and block the road. Play then passes on.

The winner is the first person to play all of their cards or, if no players can finish, the player with the fewest cards at the end of the game.

Orchard Toys Follow That Car Game Review

We took turns to put a section of the road down from our piles of cards, matching the vehicles or colours along the way. Follow That Car is a fun transport-themed matching game and encourages observational skills in children and helps develop matching and memory skills. My mummy was really impressed with how quickly I matched the colours and shapes. We had a giggle over the little animals in their cars too and my folks roadblocked my attempts at winning the game!

Orchard Toys Follow That Car Game Review

The puzzle pieces are made of brightly coloured laminated cardboard, with rounded edges and wipe clean surface. Thick and not easily destroyed – trust me at one point I was standing on them! Each puzzle piece of road had a different vehicle on them with funny cute animal characters in the driving seats. They were beautifully illustrated, just like the other ranges of games in the Orchard Toys collections that we’ve reviewed. At £7.50 this game was really good value and kept me entertained for over half an hour (which in toddler terms is really good). A great idea for a stocking filler for Christmas (take note Mr Father Christmas)

Love Bella xx

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.Family Fever

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