Fairy Snuggle Sac Review

Dear Mummy, I love a good sleepover, usually it’s my mummy popping over to my room in the middle of the night to hang out after one of my bad dreams or “little accidents”, but this sleeping bag isn’t for her… it for me! We were sent a lovely children’s indoor sleeping bag from Ollie & Leila however this is no ordinary sleeping bag…

Snuggle Sac Review

Its called a Snuggle Sac, a lovely, super soft cocoon of snugness. Snuggle Sacs has been designed like a dressing up costume so when you snuggle down to sleep you can transform yourself into a fantasy character. We tried out the pale pink fairy and I’m a massive fan of these beautiful winged creatures. They make a great alternative to normal bedding too.

Snuggle Sac Review

The Snuggle Sac is a super large fleecy sleeping bag perfect for kids that comes rolled up in it’s own zip-up tote bag. It measures 180cm x 70cm and being a toddler I only half fill it, so lots of growing room and I can see me using it for years!

Snuggle Sac Review

You can insert a standard pillow where the fairy’s face is to give it extra cushioning, this would be great for fair-weather camping, as some airbeds don’t have very good head support. Inside the Snuggle Sac it is lined with 100% breathable cotton in a beautiful pastel shade which helps me from over-heating and reduces bobbling. The Snuggle Sac unzips half way down so kids can get in easily and not have the zip catch their feet.

Snuggle Sac Review

This indoor sleeping bag is intended to replace conventional bedding and is practical enough to be continually machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried. It has a 100% cotton lining and measures 180cm x 70cm. We’re not so sure it would replace my duvet covers as I like having a sheet on my bed with layers and rugs that I can take off, but it would make a wonderful portable sleeping bag and emergency bedding for those….little accidents. Trust me, in the middle of the night after you have stripped a bed, its more practical to put one of these down than re-make the whole bed at 3am!!

Snuggle Sac Review

Each Snuggle Sac comes with a free tote bag making it easy to store and carry around and we’ll keep ours in the airing cupboard or use it on the daybed when we’re not travelling. The Snuggle Sac can help make bedtime fun and I liked pretending to be a fairy princess when heading to bed. Portable bedding like this is great for duvet days and tucking yourself in it while watching a movie at home and even my mummy tried to get in it with me!

Snuggle Sac Review

This sleeping bag is going to last too as the stitching on the Snuggle Sac is reinforced and very neat and tidy and we were really impressed with the quality, even the logo is stitched on which makes it look a little more high-end. The brand embroidered on the sac gives a great hint to its quality.

Snuggle Sac Review

The Flower Fairy Snuggle Sac is available to buy from Ollie & Leila for £45 and is endorsed and recommended by The Children’s Sleep Charity. Kids bedding is so expensive these days for a duvet cover set and sheets, so this is a good all-in-one solution for the price. With the nights drawing in and the house getting cold during the day, I can’t wait to have my naps in it and my mummy is assured that if anything happened in the night I’ve always got my Snuggle Sac to fall back on.

Snuggle Sac Review

Do you have emergency bedding nearby in case of an accident in the middle of the night? This would come in really useful.

Love Bella xx

Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review.Family Fever

29 thoughts on “Fairy Snuggle Sac Review

  1. This is so cool! I have been looking for something like this for winter for my toddler, he throws his quilt off at night. Shame he wouldn’t be keen on this one, I want it haha

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