Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

Dear mummy, it’s a grey blustery day and we’ve headed to the coast to visit Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park. We’ve heard on the grapevine that a very special man is coming to town…

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

Our last visit was VERY different. The weather was hot and sunny and the outdoors was appealing. It looks dark and gloomy when we arrive but we try to not let it dampen our spirits. You see we’re not just here to see the fishes but also a very special man, Father Christmas. You see he’s doing his rounds of the South Coast of England bringing Christmas Cheer to young and old.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

We’re definitely in need for some Christmas cheer and sparkle today! There’s a lot of change going on at the park this month. Not only have they welcomed Father Christmas but they’ve also closed part of the park as its low season and they are updating the Adventure Island Area (where all the rides are). Last time we visited we loved the Adventure Area. But that didn’t put us off and even without that attraction we spent over 4 hours at the park walking around and looking in the tanks.

Winter at SEALIFE Centre Weymouth

I may only be a toddler but I’m fascinated by the underwater world. I am never tired of visiting this place. Because the weather was so horrible it wasn’t very busy which was good for us as we got to spend as much time as possible with the fishes with prime viewing. The tanks were all immaculate and clean and I was mesmerised by the sea horses commenting on their curly tails and different colours. I love the rock pool area and seeing the large star fish and crabs too!

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

We stopped for some late lunch and ordered food from the kitchen, as opposed to taking food from the counter, and we were glad we did! My daddy had a tasty burger, I had fresh tomato pasta and my mummy had a platter with all manner of food on. We gobbled it all up and Annual pass holders get 20% off purchases. So it worked out really good value at around £18 for the 3 of us. We liked the little festive touches too, like special hot chocolate and mince pies. Refueled we headed back outside and headed to the wooden play area.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

I burnt off some energy in the outdoor area, which was good as I’d been stuck in the car all morning travelling to Weymouth. My folks even had a go on the equipment much to my amusement! Some areas looked a bit tired and dreary so we’re hoping that SEALIFE give them a bit of attention before the new season. I played hide and seek in the sensory garden and played with the natural instruments.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

We visited every zone and tank, stamping my little fact-finding booklet and listening to some of the free talks that the staff had put on for visitors. We weren’t visiting Father Christmas until one of the last afternoon sessions and the light was starting to disappear.

Christmas at SEALIFE Weymouth

We headed back inside to have a quick cuppa and enjoyed some of the colouring in that was provided next to the cafe. My folks treated themselves to mince pies while I furiously scribbled away on my colouring in sheet. I also had an ICE CREAM, much to my folks horror as my throat was a little sore from all the ‘Roar-ing’ and screaming chasing after my folks to keep warm.

Christmas at SEALIFE Weymouth

I helped them fill in a Christmas word cross which we all found amusing and before we knew it the light had disappeared and the moon had come out. So we headed to the Wetlands Area where a little wooden barn was waiting for us. Guided by the twinkling fairy lights on the path, it did look magical. Inside it was full of lanterns, haybails and warm fleecy blankets. A perfect spot to wait for an elf and take some pictures.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

The lights reflecting on the large pond was lovely and in the distance I could almost spot a couple of elf and a wooden cabin surrounded by large fir trees. We only waited a couple of minutes before Twinkle Snow Socks, our elf guide greeted us and led my little family down the boardwalk into the forest.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

It was like a maze and the trees towered over me. I was told to look to the sky and asked if I believe in magic and before I knew it snow filled the air, much to my delight.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

It covered the trees and my folks but thankfully I quickly cottoned on that it was safe and just bubbles. It made for some great photos, it’s just a shame my folks were caught off guard, lost in the moment and didn’t have time to capture my face, it was priceless.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

I was ushered into the Enchanting Christmas Cabin. Inside it was very warm and toasty with a lovely whimsical feel to it, a small roaring fireplace, antique furniture and a very authentic looking Father Christmas. He spoke softly, but with command and I was asked about what I wanted for Christmas. I said a motorbike and a flower and the elf gave out a little chuckle. My daddy sat on his lap as I turned a bit shy and we all posed for a photo. I left with a gift from Father Christmas much to my surprise.

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

We didn’t stay too long with Father Christmas as I was eager to get my folks home with a long drive back to Hampshire, but we had a wonderful time. Another Christmas memory made and we even left with a photo which I will cherish forever.

Love Bella x

Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE

Fancy seeing Father Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE? Then you can until 24th December. There are 3 Christmas experiences available ranging from £7-£20 and pre-booking is highly advisable on their website. We were invited to experience the basic package. Every child gets a SEALIFE gift, but it’s a surprise, so we can’t tell you what we got 😉

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24 thoughts on “Christmas at Weymouth SEALIFE Adventure Park

  1. Bella, I can tell by your happy, smiling face in these pictures that you had a fantastic time at Sealife Adventure park. I’m glad you got to spend so much time looking in all the tanks and you got to see Father Christmas too!

  2. What a wonderful adventure for the holiday! My son Squishy loves the SeaLife here in California, but mostly because it’s connected to LegoLand. It’s amazing how different each of the SeaLife Aquariums are depending on where they are in the world.

  3. This looks amazing! Both myself and the tots love sea-life and we are regulars at a similar centre near to us, but to see The Big Man there too must have been magical. I think I would have cried at the snow! Looks like a brilliant festive experience. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam x

  4. This sounds such a lovely day – and the twinkling lights and snow really make it magical. My daughter loves aquariums too although we haven’t made it to Weymouth’s yet: she could happily spend all day looking at sea creatures let alone the other activities. #citytripping

  5. Not heard of this place before but it sounds like a great day out! How brilliant that Santa was there too 🙂

  6. I love Sealife! I used to go to Oceanarium in Bournemouth all the time when I was growing up and it’s very similar. Glad you guys had fun.

  7. Ah it looks like you had a lovely time! It’s nice to go to places like this when it is quiet sometimes as you can see more.

  8. What a lovely day out you had and I think you’re amazing for going even though the weather was a bit yucky. Fingers crossed you get everything on your Santa list

  9. This sounds like a lot of fun. I love the Sealife Centre and having Santa there can only make it better!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK

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