10 reasons why we love Haskins!

Dear Mummy, we love going to Haskins Garden Centre and it seems we aren’t the only ones! On a recent trip the place was packed and this was on a Monday lunch time!

Christmas at Haskins

You may be asking what was a toddler doing walking around a garden centre? Surely it’s boring? Well, I have you know that Haskins is the place to be! You see it’s not ordinary garden centre and every December it transforms into a Winter Wonderland with a Christmas light section, Christmas displays and winter scenes outside enough to keep any toddler amused or kill an afternoon browsing.

Christmas at Haskins

Here are our main reasons why everyone should visit Haskins this December!

1) It’s free to walk around

You don’t have to pay to enter and can walk around at your leisure. We spent ages looking at the different departments, from books to toys, food and decorations. Is so much more than a garden centre and the one in Southampton is massive!

2) It’s a great photo opportunity for kids

There are some lovely woodland scenes set up. Haskins display their Christmas Trees like a woodland forest. Even with little seats and conveniently positioned logs for children to sit on.

3) The epic Christmas displays 

There is a whole section devoted to a miniature model village. You can buy these little Christmas models and some of the more elaborate ones which have little lights and music that accompanies the mechanics. They are so enchanting and Haskins have laid out a whole winter scene and story.

4) Great inspiration for decorating your home

My mummy loves browsing Christmas shops and decorating the tree, so imagine her delight that a window dresser has already grouped together decorations that match. All colour coordinated and ones that have the same theme. From traditional, snowy white and princess pink, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes!

5) Perfect last min shopping ideas

Haskins is one of those places where you can get great present inspiration. Fantastic for people who are hard to buy for, their food court area is pretty special. With exotic sweets, biscuits and seasonal gifts it’s a perfect selection for adding to stockings and creating Christmas hampers.

6) Pretty decent food and great facilities

We are always super impressed with the cafe/restaurant at Haskins, they do really good food! Theres something to suit everyones tastes, from homemade soup and fresh crusty rolls, elaborate salads, cream teas and even Sunday roasts, the prices are reasonable too!

7) Ample parking

You don’t have to worry about paying for parking as its free and there are ample places to park, not like going into town and struggling, its great to pop in with children.

8) Makes you feel festive

It’s amazing how a little bit of tinsel and fairy lights can lift your mood. Helped with the Christmas music and staff walking around with Santa hats. It’s a lovely atmosphere!

9) There is a Hobby Craft right next door

My mummy would be in heaven! She loves Hobby Craft, just wished she had more money to shop in there! But the location of this store means you can have a coffee in Haskins and browse Hobby Craft too afterwards.

10) Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere

The staff are happy for you to walk around and take photos of your child next to the decorations and displays. We even had one shop assistant offer to take a photograph for us. It’s so relaxed and you could spend ages in there and not feel rushed or like your being watched. We know a couple of young mums that use the cafe area as a meeeting point to catch up and have a natter. Its rather good coffee too and much cheaper than highstreet brands.

If you are at a loose end this December why not pop in and treat your eyes to a wonderful festive feast. We know a lot of people who visit garden centres with children and this is one of the best out there!

Love Bella x

Christmas at Haskins


25 thoughts on “10 reasons why we love Haskins!

  1. This place sounds awesome and very familiar to a place near me called ruxley manor!! Its awesome at christmas and great facilities too I love all the Christmas displays!

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