Fashionable Christmas Jumpers by Selfish Mother

Dear Mummy, christmas jumpers are notoriously frumpy and a fashion faux pas. Usually my folks pick the worse type of itchy wool, cheap and nasty Christmas jumpers….but not this time!

thefmlystore jumpers

Thanks to ultra-trendy fashion label Selfish Mother, which, despite what its name might suggest, loves to give back, a bunch of supermodels have designed the most stylish seasonal tops. No cheesy Christmas jumpers around here!

Selfish Mother Christmas Jumpers

The likes of Poppy Delevingne, David Gandy, Jon Kortajarena, Karen Elson, Laura Bailey, Erin O’Connor and Immy Waterhouse have all lent their star power to the campaign so far called #GoodTees.thefmlystore jumpersEach design features a uniquely silly slogan and are available to purchase exclusively at Selfish Mother’s online store at There are so many wonderful designs with the trademark font and funky typography emblazoned on super soft organic cotton that we didn’t know which one to pick!

Selfish Mother Christmas Jumpers

And not only do they look good, but they do good, too. Half the sale price of each Christmas jumper will go to Save the Children, in conjunction with the charity’s annual Christmas Jumper Day. Thats a whopping 50% to charity which makes us feel good inside too. In support of the global cause, £22.50 per adult jumper and £10 per kid’s jumper will go to Save the Children. That’s an amazing split of proceeds and a very charitable thing for them to do!

Selfish Mother Christmas Jumpers

So what do you think of our matching Christmas jumpers? Much more stylish that anything we’ve seen on the high street! It’s great that we’ve also supported Save the Children this year. Why not pop over and have a look, we’ve had so many lovely comments wearing them around this month, that we might just have to wear them the whole year!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: My mummy bought these jumpers as she loved them so much. Christmas is the time for sharing so let’s share some more charitable cheer. Well done Selfish Mother!

46 thoughts on “Fashionable Christmas Jumpers by Selfish Mother

  1. Bella, you and your Mummy look so adorable in your matching jumpers! They look so soft and comfortable and not at all itchy like some Christmas jumpers can be, and they are so cute too x

  2. These jumpers are so cool! I love the colors, and I like the fact that you can wear them on a daily basis without feeling a bit weird as I usually do with traditional Christmas jumpers…! haha x

  3. OH MY GOD. You and mummy look absolutely adorable in those jumpers! I think I might have to buy one for my son and I.

  4. Those are such cute jumpers and I love that you’ve twinned 😀 I definitely need to look at that website! So great that money goes to charity!

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