Running into the freezing sea!

Dear Mummy, over the Christmas break we spent our time on Hayling Island in Hampshire with my Grandparents. We were very fortunate with the weather as it was bright, sunny and crisp. The perfect day for a winters walk.

Beach Huts on Hayling Island, UK

After stuffing ourselves silly on Boxing Day we decided to burn off the extra calories and excess energy by taking a brisk walk along the Hampshire coast. Hayling Island beach isn’t a fine sandy beach. It’s a mixture of pebbles and shingle, sand and seaweed. Perfect for discovering hidden gems of shells and other artefacts that get washed up from the Solent.

Hayling Island Beach in Hampshire

The Solent is a large shipping channel which serves the busy ports of Portsmouth and Southampton, so we can often see shipping containers, sailing boats and wind surfers out on the horizon. The shoreline is lined with lovely beach huts, their BBQs and doors open on Boxing Day welcoming down city folk who have come to Hayling Island for the Christmas break.

Hayling Island Beach in Hampshire

While strolling along the shore and peacefully reflecting on resolutions our silence was broken by a large group of ‘mad men’ donned in swimming trunks and Santa hats. The women had more sense covering themselves in wetsuits to protect themselves from the freezing Atlantic water. We stopped in disbelief, surely these guys weren’t going in the water?!? Oh yes they were.

Hayling Island Beach in Hampshire

We were wrapped up with hats, gloves and scarfs watching people run into the sea. Hopping and skipping, dodging sharp shingle and stones and plunging into the dark, cold water. Eeeeek! It made us cold watching them!

It’s definitely a Boxing Day we will remember for a long time. So, why did they do it? A family tradition or health benefits? Who knows, we didn’t stop long enough to ask them. It was far too cold for us!

Love Bella x

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26 thoughts on “Running into the freezing sea!

  1. It’s a Boxing Day tradition. I live on the Isle of Wight and every year on Boxing Day LOADS of Islanders run in to the sea at Ventnor Beach. I’ve never plucked up the courage to do it yet but I’m not ruling it out. I’m assuming the Hayling Island group have the same tradition as it’s only across the water. I think there’s a few places on the coast that do it!

  2. Bella, how lovely that you were able to spend Christmas break with your grandparents. I’m glad the weather was nice enough to have a walk near the sea, but you must have been so surprised to see those people running and jumping into the sea, how cold they must have been! x

  3. Ahh this is a tradition where I live on New Years Day that lot’s of people dress up in fancy dress and run into the sea. Mainly people are doing it for charity and we always go to watch. Rather them than me! Winter Walks on the beach are my favourite! xo

  4. I have this sort of silly tradition that whenever I go to a beach, I HAVE to put my feet in! There is no way I would run in though, in the middle of WINTER!!

  5. I love crisp winter walks on the beach! My mum lived in Blackpool as a child and it was a tradition for them to run into the sea on New Years Day! So funny! I’ve managed to avoid it though – far too cold. #DreamTeam

  6. I use to love finding shells and treatures on the beach! Hahaa I love that a group of people braved the freezing ice cold water and jumped in, something I’d not have the guts to do!

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