Lolly’s Sweet Treats Hamper Review

Dear Mummy, we’re big fans of sweets! I mean…who isn’t?! So when a hamper full of sweets arrived at our door from the real Willy Wonker of London (the owner of Lolly’s Sweet Treats) we couldn’t resist a peek inside…

Lolly's Sweet Treats Hamper Review

Proudly supported by The Princes Trust and inspired by one little girl’s reluctance to eat anything but Chocolate, Lolly’s Sweet Treats is owned by Harry O’Reilly. Lola-Dolly a.k.a Lolly is his niece and she’s a bit like me. I love nothing more than chocolate and my mummy is on the quest to expand my taste buds and expose me to whole new world of joy in the shape of ‘penny sweets’.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Review

To help with this mission we were kindly sent a Fruit Sweets Hamper (£26.99 on sale) from Lolly’s Sweet Treats based in London. They ship across the U.K. and at £2.99 delivery and speedy service our sugar craving was fulfilled. Our sweets came in a beautifully presented wicker hamper with buckles and straps and was just under A3 size in length. It was a really substantial gift full of fruity sweets.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Hamper Review

The penny sweets were wrapped in cellophane bags tied with twine. They were measured into quarters and we had a mixture of soft and hard-boiled sweets, loose packets and sherbet dips. It really was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for my mummy remembering the sweets she used to buy with her pocket-money. She used to pop down the corner shop (Happy Shopper) when she was a kid with 50p in her grasp and scoop out penny sweets from plastic ice cream shaped tubs. If she was feeling rich she’d might upgrade to a quarter of hard-boiled sweets from the jars behind the counter. Her father also used to send her on a mission to buy cola cubes, pineapple cubes and chocolate nibs.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Review

My mummy loves the Fruit Salads, Chewy Bananas/ Fizzy Cherries and Giant Strawberries and it was a great themed hamper that we opened. Watch our video to see what we got!

My mind was blown when I tried Fizz Whizz popping candy for the first time and had my mummy in hysterics! I also tried biting down on a sherbet lemon much to my mummy’s dismay. I’m clearly not a seasoned sweetie eater! I must learn the art to suck a sweet as oppose to inhaling it in one fail swoop.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Review

The hampers are reasonable priced and range from £15-£30 depending on the sale offers on the website and type of sweets you fancy. What we like is that we can reuse the hamper afterwards and it would be great for a picnic or present.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Review

On the Lolly’s Sweet Treats website they sell everything from retro sweets, American candies through to Sugar Free and Vegetarian options. It’s like an online tuck shop! We also like the look of the sweet cones, sweet buckets and retro sweet jars! Bags of sweets are around £3.00 for 250 grams and £10 for 1kg, jeeze that’s a lot of sweets for your buck in this day and age.

Lolly's Sweet Treats Review

Old fashioned sweets make great presents. So, if you’re looking for something special and different then this would be a great gift for the whole family! Guess where we’re shopping for presents this Easter and Christmas…that’s if we don’t eat them all first!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent a sweetie hamper in order to conduct an honest review, all thoughts are our own.


36 thoughts on “Lolly’s Sweet Treats Hamper Review

  1. I have such a sweet tooth, so a box like this is my dream! You got so many different kinds of candy!

  2. You can’t beat a proper old school sweets!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Shame that all those old fashioned sweet shops have closed down. They were such a treat to visit and choose one or two of them to measure out in the balance scales. Hamper looks great. #dreamteam

  4. Oh wow, this looks completely gorgeous! I love all the colours and I bet it tastes as good as it looks! Thanks so much for linking this up to #DreamTeam!

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