Wingz Review – Our little secret

Dear mummy, you came across a fantastic product the other day which you just wanted to share with everyone. It’s called Wingz. Wingz are sleeves which cover your arms but do not have a visible neckline. A bit like a bolero cardigan that goes underneath your outer clothes. They work by sitting under your bra and to the naked eye would appear to be a part of the dress or top. Apologies for the boobie shots but it’s hard to demonstrate them without seeing some flesh!

Wingz Review UK
3/4 length Wingz in Stretch Black size 12-14

My mummy owns quite a lot of sleeveless dresses but is self-conscious of her white pasty arms, especially in the winter and spring months and usually ends up covering her arms with a cardigan which then hides the dress and ruins her silhouette.

Wingz Review UK
Really soft and stretchy Wingz

She is reviewing the three-quarter length stretch fitted Wingz in black. The three-quarter length goes with everything in her wardrobe, and is her favourite sleeve length and most flattering for her body shape. The material is soft and gives full coverage of the arms and isn’t see through or flimsy.

Wingz Review UK
Wingz Close-up

The sleeves are attached to some stretchy fabric, that you put on like you would a top. They fabric sits underneath your bra, on both sides. So it doesn’t effect the neckline of any tops or how the back looks. There are no ties or fastenings and it simply gives you sleeves. It was easy to put on and work out. The top of the sleeves have elastic in them, so you are safe in the knowledge that they will stay put too. Made out of breathable cotton she didn’t over heat and they weren’t itchy either.

My mummy paired hers with a cupped sleeved retro dress and one even noticed that she was wearing Wingz they simply look like part of the dress. The nice thing is that you can wear plunging necklines and they won’t show up either.

Wingz Review UK
Without Wingz

We like that there are different colours available, but black goes with everything so they were the safe bet. There are all-sorts of styles, lengths and colours over on the Wingz website, so please do go and check them out.

At £15.99 they are really reasonable for the price and will extend the wear of many of the clothes in my mummy’s wardrobe.

Would you try Wingz?

Love Bella and her Mummy x

Disclaimer: My mummy was sent a Wingz in order to conduct an honest review.



33 thoughts on “Wingz Review – Our little secret

  1. Wow that’s awesome! I had terrible hormone imbalances during and after breastfeeding that left me with nasty bumpy eczema on the back of my arms and I am so self conscious about how bad it looks. This is a great solution!

  2. What an interesting product. I don’t think I’ve never seen anything like this before. A great way to cover arms for those who may be slightly self conscious about them. #MarvMondays

  3. What a great idea. I have so many pretty dresses that I wish had sleeves. This looks like a fab solution

  4. Bella, I think Mummy looks great wearing the Wingz and I really love the dress she has paired them with. I think Wingz are such a great solution for those who are a bit self-conscious about their arms and have sleeveless clothing that they would still like to be able to wear.

  5. I didn’t hear about Wingz before but they do look great paired with your dress. I find them to be great idea for people who don’t like to show their arms in public.

  6. What a clever idea! 🙂
    I too have lots of nice dresses that I wish had sleeves just that little bit longer, so this may be the perfect solution.

    Dani x

  7. OH this is awesome! It’s perfect for this transitional weather we’re having in the US. I already put all my winter clothes away and now it’s cold again so these would be perfect to add under my short sleeve shirts!

  8. Wow that’s such a great idea! I don’t like my arms too much so this would be great for me too 🙂

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