Unboxing magic at The Entertainer

Dear Mummy, we had a wonderful time visiting our local Entertainer Toy store this week. We visited the Basingstoke branch in Festival Place, which is the nearest shopping centre to where we live. We’re very fortunate that our Entertainer has just undergone a massive refurbishment and looks super smart.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was the cheery faces of the staff and how tidy everything looked. I’m not so sure they were prepared for the massive onslaught of kids that were about to arrived for their Easter #theentertainerunboxed event. Letting kids loose in a toy store was going to be mayhem! Thankfully we got there early to browse around the store and check out their range of toys.

The Entertainer Basingstoke 1

It was all very civilised much to my mummy amusement. We walked around the store spending a good 30 minutes looking at toys on the shelf and discussing what Father Christmas was going to bring me this year. I love the PJ Masks, Lion Guard and Glimmies having recently reviewed them this year so made a beeline for those toys first.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

In the corner of the store there was a table with a large box on which was wrapped in gift paper. I was very excited to find out what was in the box and hovered around until a member of staff called all the kids across. A lot of commotion started as parents surround their kids eagerly awaiting the unboxing to start at 10am.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

See our video to watch the unboxing and to see the inside of the Basingstoke Entertainer.

On the day children helped staff open the box by ripping open the paper to reveal a toy helicopter from Little Tikes inside. We all got a chance to shake and guess what was inside the box.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

It was the easiest helicopter I’ve ever tried to fly (trust us I’ve tried a lot and failed miserably). Myself and the children who had gathered in store all had a go playing with it.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

Before we knew it 20 minutes had passed and we spend some more time browsing all the buy one get one free offers in store. We had a good time and walked away relativity unscathed, however my mummy pocket was a bit lighter.

The Entertainer Unboxed Event

She also has a great idea what I would like for Christmas this year which I’m sure she will relay to Father Christmas for me. *hint hint* We were both impressed by the range of toys which catered for babies and pre-schoolers up to teenagers. I was particularly fond of the crafting and doll section.

The Entertainer Basingstoke

The Entertainer unboxed events go on until Easter Saturday at 10am so make sure that if you are in town you check them out. There are 131 stores in the UK to choose from! Keep you eyes peeled for more cool events in 2017!

Love Bella x


19 thoughts on “Unboxing magic at The Entertainer

  1. This looks like so much fun but I am gutted there are none near us. The Entertainer was always our first port of call in southampton until it closed

  2. It’s shame I only got around to seeing this now as we would have loved to go to one of these it looks like you guys had so much fun and I’m an even bigger kid than my little ones lol.

  3. Looks fun, can’t think about Xmas yet though! We’ve got an entertainer store near us and they usually have some good deals. #Twinklytuesday

  4. We love The Entertainer shops 🙂 these events look like so much fun for kids (and parents!)

  5. I love The Entertainer, I always shop there for kids birthday party presents. This looked such a fun event, and I can see why the kids were so excited by the big box!!

  6. I’ve always fancied a toy helicopter! It’s great that it’s easy enough for small kids (and big kids like me) to play with. What a smart toy store too! Looks like you had a lovely time. #DreamTeam

  7. I do love a good toy shop, and get as excited as you look Bella. The Entertainer looks like it is full of fun and loads to chose from. How wonderful. I think my nearest shop is 60 miles away or so, but would be worth a trip.

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