My Kawaii Box of treats!

Dear Mummy, a special box arrived through the post all the way from the other side of the world! I was super excited to open it and amazed by all the customs stamps and postal marks on the packaging. We received a cool new subscription box through the post called a Kawaii Box and it is a monthly subscription service that sends you cute items from Japan and Korea. Each box includes 10 original and licensed Kawaii items with an information card listing the products included. We loved the design of this box with the ice cream colours and all the tissue paper making it very girly and perfect for people who love everything to do with Japanese pop culture.

Kawaii Box Review

Some of the items looked a bit strange as they were packaged in Japanese and we couldn’t make out what they were. This is where the Kawaii Box website and blog came in handy as it told us exactly what the products were in English along with demonstrations of how to use and make up the DIY kits. We thought this extra information on their website was super useful and definitely helped my clueless mummy!

Kawaii Box Food Review

Heart Gudetama Pudding DIY Set

The first item in our Kawaii Box was a Heart Gudetama Pudding DIY Kit. With really colourful Japanese packaging it’s a kit that lets you make a pudding in the shape of Gudetama, a little egg fellow that’s quickly becoming a bit of a sensation in Asia. We’ve yet to try it but will definitely be making it over the holidays, using the powders and moulds provided in the kit. We could see this becoming messy with a pre-schooler!

Kawaii Waffer

Meito Puku Puku Tai Fish Shaped Wafer 

I was quick to open this sweet treat. You can smell the strawberry as soon as you open the package. It’s a light wafer that is filled with light fluffy foam fondant. In Japan, there’s a fish-shaped pastry with red bean paste inside called a Taiyaki that is pretty popular, so this is a nod to that treat. I loved it and the consistency was rather odd but very moreish.

Kawaii Box June

Gudetama Socks

The cartoon character Gudetama is also woven into knitted socks. They are a vibrant yellow and orange and feel super soft it’s just a shame they are on the small side for my mummy and too big for me! We like the bumble bee stripes and the bright colours.

Kawaii Plush

Amuse Mameshiba Plushie

I squealed as soon as I saw this little fella in our box. He’s like a cross between a little dog and a polar bear and we like that you can connect him to a keychain or hang him from his elastic band. He’s looks just like a Tsum Tsum plush toy and very soft and the his little face is rather cute.

Kawaii Box Deco Tape

Korean Deco Tape Set

The mini tape and teeny tape dispenser looks rather cool. There’s a great selection of glittery and patterned tapes which would be perfect for my mummy’s scrapbooks or my present wrapping and its small enough for my little fingers to use easily.

Kawaii Box Bracelet

Pastel Animals Stickers

These are the wackiest stickers that we’ve ever seen and we like that they contain beads, glitter and plastic trinkets inside them. They also smell like strawberries! I’ve already put them all over my pinboard and books in my room.

Molang Keychain

The Molang Keychain is an adorable little round-shaped plastic rabbit. Another cartoon character which is popular across seas and this will definitely be an addition to my growing collection of keychains which I put on my nursery bag. We love her stripey colours of blue and pink along with the extra charms.

Blippo Pastel Star Bracelet

This turquoise plastic star bracelet was a perfect fit for me but unfortunately too small for my mummy, which wasn’t a massive problem as I added it straight away to my jewellery box. It was a nice addition to my collection of plastic costume jewellery which I love so much. It seemed sturdy as well so not much risk of it snapping anytime soon.

Kawaii Box Pen and Keyring

Let’s Play Gel Pen 

We loved the lime and turquoise colour of this pen which is like an ink rollerball which also happens to be erasable. Its going to make a great addition to my pencil-case ready for when I start school in September.

Kawaii Sticky Notes 

My mummy likes the thin sticky notes which she uses to mark her place in books and on the kitchen calendar. She likes the cute cat characters and illustrations and there loads which will last her a long time.

Kawaii Box June

All in all it was a very fun and frivolous subscription box which makes a nice change from all the beauty boxes you can get these days. We liked the mixture of stationery, edible foodstuffs and accessories in the box too. More sweets wouldn’t have gone a miss, as these would be the perfect size to fit in a box like this! It would make the ideal gift for a young girl or teenager and a great birthday or christmas subscription present as its nice to get a little treat each month. If you love Japanese pop culture then this box would be great for you!

What do you think of our Kawaii Box? What’s your favourite item?

Love Bella x








26 thoughts on “My Kawaii Box of treats!

  1. I love sub boxes as every time is like a little present. This one looks perfect for summer holiday fun.

  2. Such an unusual box, it’s nice to have a change from the usual sample sized shampoos and face creams x

  3. Interesting selection of items and a good insight into what is popular in Japan!

  4. Wow!!! What a fantastic box, Bella! I love the plushie so much and he would look great in the back of my car. I am also very keen on the stickers and masking tape as I love that for scrapbooking. Glad to see that you got some great things!

  5. That was fun! I especially love the keychain. I have a couple of questions, though. How/where do you subscribe? And how much was it? Thanks!

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