Horsing around with Schleich Toys

Dear mummy, we’re massive fans of Schleich toy figurines and already I have amassed a noah’s ark of them in my toy chest. It’s always nice when a new addition comes into play. We were kindly sent a new Pintabian Mare and Horse Care pack through to review and play with from the Schleich Horse Club range.

Schleich Pintabian Mare

Schleich products are very educational and great for teaching children more about the animal world. They are recommended for pre-school children and the attention to detail and quality of these miniature life-like toys is unbeatable and we’ve not seen anything come close.  All the Schleich figures are lovingly hand painted with detailed modelling. Just like real horses, these figures have unique, beautiful coat patterns and hair details which capture children’s attention.

Schleich Pintabian Mare

We’re amazed that you can buy a hand painted toy like this for £6.49 and these toys would be lovely to pass down the generations and are very collectible. While playing, I’m learning without realising as I learn what the animals are called, what they like to eat (from my mummy) and imaginative play.

Pintabian Mare

I’m fascinated by all the different types of horses there are in the world and I take my new Pintabian Mare and add her to the rest of my horse collection. My mummy loves imaginary playing with me, so we grab all my Schleich toys and retreat inside to play. The summer holidays has been a bit of a wash out with lots of rain but we bring the pretend farm inside and I use the accessories from the horse care pack to extend play.

Pintabian Mare

Its great combining the Schleich animals together and at nursery we’re lucky enough to have a whole box of them and all my friends play with them together. So when I come home I’m familiar with playing with them.

Schleich Pintabian Mare

We like learning all about the animals we are playing with and how to care for them. My imagination is really inspired by these miniature life-like figures and I create little homes for them and take them on adventures. They are the perfect size for packing in a rucksack and taking on holiday too.

Schleich Pintabian Mare

Read Schleich’s imaginary play guide in our last post to see how my folks keep my attention with my Schleich toys and prolong their shelf life in my toy chest. See the full collection at http://www.schleich-s.co.uk.

Schleich Pintabian Mare

We’ve had so much fun playing with our miniature figures and each play session creates new stories in my head. I can’t wait to join to the Horse Club at http://www.schleichhorseclub.co.uk for exclusive monthly competitions and content. These are certainly collectible toys that my mummy doesn’t mind displaying.

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: We were sent a Pintabian Mare and Horse Care pack in order to conduct a review. All images and thoughts are our own.

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